El Pueblito, Isla Mujeres

March 8th, 2012 · 1 Comment

El Pueblito

Great deal. 4 Beers + Guac for about $7.75 USD.

Lynda and Josh and their favorite thing.

Kelly and her two new babies.


The bar’s musician was rocking an awesome mullet.

Our second stop on the golf cart tour of Isla Mujeres was El Pueblito. We actually had no idea what this place is called, there was no sign. I remember when we were leaving Garrafon de Castilla, Brian said “Next stop is the place up the road with the sign that say 4 Beers and Guacamole for $100!” That sign was very clearly posted. By the way, that is 4 beers plus guacamole for roughly $7.75 USD. Not a bad deal at all!

Also, I didn’t get the guacamole here, but in general, the servings were big and plentiful and were only a few dollars, unlike here in the US where you pay like $5 for a tiny scoop. I was loving those Mexican avocados!

El Pueblito was just an open-air kind of place with a bunch of outside seating, situated in the shade under some big trees. There were two little chihuahuas running around, which Kelly was instantly drawn to, since her baby Bella at home is a chihuahua. She did tell me one of them tried to bite her face, though. I’m surprised she didn’t try to smuggle these guys home.

We didn’t stay long at El Pueblito. They ran out of beer, actually. The beer truck pulled up while we were there, but the beer wasn’t cold. Also, I didn’t want a beer, I just wanted a mango smoothie. Note: when Dallas went to order it the bartender automatically dumped a ton of rum into it! I guess that is a plus!

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  • Nancy

    I had a mango smoothie there once without rum and it was really good. Neat place. They are no longer El Pueblito; now the place is called The Joint Reggae Bar & Grill.

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