BigBelly Solar

November 11th, 2011 · 1 Comment

I should like these BigBelly Solar trash compacters I see all around downtown Chicago these days. I know I should. They’re so techy! There’s some big brother somewhere viewing stats on how much they’re used and all that. Not to mention the earth, they’re green, yada yada.. but I do not like them!

I do not like that you can’t walk by and just drop your trash into the can. Is it too much that I have to slow my pace stop to throw something away? Yes, sometimes it is. Not to mention, you have to pull a germy handle now. Ew. Also, the garbage “door” pulls out and you put your garbage into the container. Do I have to even start to mention how much gum and disgusting fluids I’ve seen stuck to these doors? Bleh!!! I wish these things could be open topped! Or at least have an open hole like the recycling side!

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