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Crowell Hall

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I occasionally pass by Crowell Hall since it’s on LaSalle and I work on LaSalle. It’s part of the Moody Bible Institute and was named for Henry Parsons Crowell, who was Moody’s chairman of the Board for 40 years.

I found this old-timey image of the 12-story Crowell Hall, as it looked back in the 1950s. It’s pretty much the same today.

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Dill Green Beans

September 28th, 2011 · 1 Comment

My Uncle Doug made these dill green beans and the last time we were visiting my parents in Wisconsin they let us take them home with the promise from my cousin Dawn that she would get more for them. I hope that happened because they were SO GOOD! I was afraid they’d be really spicy because of the red pepper I could see, but they were a perfect dilly, garlicky combo and were not spicy at all. Yumyum.

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green olive salad, salumi toscano, pickled peppers, white cheddar cheese curd

west coast sardines, tomatoes, hard egg, tartine

seared frog legs, dill creme fraiche, cataluna spices (smoked cinnamon & pimento)

seared frog legs, dill creme fraiche, cataluna spices (smoked cinnamon & pimento)

salad of octopus, shrimp, mussel, squid, toasted couscous, citrus-cured tuna vinaigrette, nichols farm cherry tomatoes

saffron pillbox omelet, albacore tuna, sun-dried black olive vinaigrette, tomato shrimp broth

daily selection of three cheeses, tampered honey, and vine grapes

I guess it’s been several months now, but when the first Logan Square wine bar, Telegraph, opened, Jess, Dallas and I went over to check it out. I remember it was about a thousand degrees, so Jess and I drank some refreshing white wine. Dallas enjoyed the short list of high-end European beers they offer.

I never had frog legs before, so I was all for trying them. Let me just say. I do not like frog legs! They seemed to be prepared right and I’ve seen plenty of Telegraph reviews that mentioned them and not in a negative way, so I think I’ve just discovered that I don’t care for them. Frog legs aside, we enjoyed everything else we had. We all shared the olives. Jess and I split the frog legs and the seafood salad. Dallas had the tartine and the omelet. Then we all shared the cheese plate.

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