Richard’s First Trip to Wrigley Field

August 8th, 2011 · 1 Comment

Harry Caray

Ernie Banks

Billy Williams

Chicago Cubs Dixieland Band

On Saturday my brother Richard came down from Wisconsin and we went to see the Cubs take on the Reds. This was his first time to Wrigley Field. My brother is a big Brewers fan and goes to Miller Park many times each season, so the Wrigley experience was quite different.

We took the bus to the train to get to the park and before meeting up with Brian and Jill we took a walk around the park so I could show him the statues of Harry Caray, Ernie Banks and Billy Williams. We even ran into the Cubs Dixieland Band. They were sitting just below us at the game too. Also, I just wanted him to see how different Wrigley is in that it sits right in a neighborhood. It’s not a big parking lot you drive into and tailgate. There people everywhere; streets closed; bars, restaurants, pop-up vendors; Billy Cub, the wannabe mascot; the rooftops. I think of Wrigley Field as very historic, like Lambeau Field. Wrigley is 97 years old. While Miller Park is very nice, it’s only 10 years old, so it just has a more modern feeling.

Richard & Rachelle

The Brewers are leading our division and the Cubs are so far behind that my brother didn’t really feel bad cheering for a Cubs win. And win they did! The Cubs had an 11-4 victory over the Reds. It was their 7th in a row win, which is the longest winning stretch since 2008.

Surplus Money

Irish Car Bombs

Richard’s first Irish Car Bomb

During the game we played the dollar cup game (I don’t know what it’s called!). I think I lost more than I won. I remember Jill getting a bunch of doubles and taking out and Brian got a home run once and emptied the cup! At the end of the game there was a bunch of money left. I’ve only played this game once before and at the end we bought beer and wings. This time Brian suggested shots! We went across the street to Club 162 (the old Harry Caray’s) and were trying to figure out what to get when it was revealed that my brother never had an irish car bomb before. So, that’s what we got. And wouldn’t you know it? He finished first!

After this we walked over to Jill and Brian’s house and got Halle and headed to Retro on Roscoe. More on that later!

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