Logan Square Neighborhood Walk: California Avenue

July 23rd, 2011 · 3 Comments

One day a few months ago, I was wanting to go for a walk, but wanting to go somewhere new. I used to do these “neighborhood walks” and post photos on this site, but haven’t done it forever. So, I decided that maybe over the course of this summer I will try to walk Logan Square. When you look up Logan Square boundaries, people have varying opinions. For this exercise, I’m going to go with these boundaries for the neighborhood: Diversey to the north, Western to the east, Armitage to the south and Pulaski to the West. However you classify it, the neighborhood is HUGE. So, I think if I do this I’ll have to break it up into a bunch of chunks. As the summer has progressed I haven’t done a great job keeping up on this project, but I’ll keep trying. Here are my photos from my walk on California Avenue from Armitage to Diversey.

Los Arista Food & Liquors

A strip mall in Logan Square. The Papa John’s is new this year.

Zen Salon for Men

Condo building.

Salem Evangelical Free Church


More Condos

Mandy’s Cleaners

For Sale

14th District Police Department

Cafeteria de Pancho

Little Mel’s

This place is going to be Masada’s (Middle Eastern). It’s been under construction since we moved to Logan Square, but seems to actually be making progress now. I like the look.

Boiler Room. Been here for many slices.

California Blue Line Station

Cozy Corner and Emilio’s Produce Stand

Taqueria Moran, Logan Bar & Grill

It was Mothers Day, so there were vendors out trying to sell flowers and stuffed animals and stuff.

Currency Exchange

Logan Square Pantry

Sierra Tire Shop

California Furniture

More Mothers Day stuff for sale.

And they say all the new condos look the same…

Letizia’s Fiore

Mops Beauty Shop (Dallas and I, along with several other friends, have been going here for years!)

Used to be a drive-thru, now someone’s home?

Digame Language Instruction, A Touch of Vintage

Gosu, Korean/Japanese restaurant we’ve been meaning to try

Hachi’s Kitchen

Provenance Food & Wine, Anong Thai

Buona Terra

This Starbucks has an awesome outdoor patio.

Logan Boulevard

Flowering trees on Logan Boulevard

Fellowship House Assisted Living

Color Me Salon

Again with the older houses that are all exactly the same.


Need a mattress or futon?

I’ve never been to or any Popeye’s. I may have been to an IHOP once or twice, but not this one.

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  • Chris M

    Great pics Rachelle! What a lovely neighborhood. Oh to be young again and to live there, how much fun that wound be! (me thinks).

    Have you been back to Manhattan in the past few years? Now one can walk up and down the Highline you know – and not commit trespass!

    Finally if you read this, hello to you Ma Bowden.

  • Lisa Colon

    This chick obviously moved to Chicago from a suburb. No one here has “our” taqueria, and you and your “friends” taquerias are a far cry from authentic.

  • Mark

    The map of Logan Square is somewhat inaccurate, I think that it’s a realtor or community area map. For those of us who grew up in Logan Square, the neighborhood of Logan Square extends a couple of blocks north of Diversey. In fact, the Logan Square Neighborhood Association is at 2840 N. Milwaukee, one block north of Diversey.

    Also, that little drive through on California “Used to be a drive-thru, now someone’s home?” has been like that since the 60’s. I remember walking with my grandma to the post office in the late 60’s and we wondered what that building was.

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