The Art Institute’s Modern Wing & The Gage

Last week Jess and I attended a Gapers Block meet up in the Modern Wing of the Art Institute. I’d never been to the Modern Wing, though it’s been open for about 2 years now. We all met at the Modern Wing’s Caffe Moderno for drinks and mingling. Jess and I hadn’t seen each other for a while, so we caught up over our first beer – Metropolitan Brewing’s Krankshaft – and then mingled for the second beer. Mingling is always easier on your second beer. .. even then, I’m awkward! At 6:45 we got a special tour of the Hyperlinks: Architecture and Design exhibit. Pretty interesting. It was only after we were getting the tour that Jess realized she’d already seen it! Oh well. Oh, also? It was one of the very last free Thursdays.

After visiting the museum, Jess and I went to get dinner at The Gage just across the street. I’d only been to The Gage once and it was just for an hour-long cocktail reception, so I was excited to give it a try. We split Vindaloo Mussels with toast, long toast, and Chips (Fries) with Curry Gravy. Oh, and we also got Duck Fat Nuts for an appetizer. I don’t know exactly what this means. They just tasted like nuts. I liked the vindaloo mussels, but with the curry gravy, it was too much curry. We ended up getting ketchup for the fries.

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