Happy Birthday, Quinn

April 12th, 2011 · 1 Comment

Last week was Quinn’s birthday and on Sunday was the celebration. He and all his friends went to The Little Gym and then after that we met up with everyone for dinner at Village Tap. It is quite remarkable how healthy and awesome Quinn is, given that four years ago he was born 15 weeks too early, weighed about a pound, had 2 holes in his heart and had barely functioning lungs and kidneys. Talk about a miracle kid! Four years later he is a perfectly healthy, smart and rambunctious little boy!

Quinn is still a huge fan of Dallas’s. Even more now, I think, because Quinn is starting to like comic book characters and Dallas always knows everything about comics. It’s about time that all those boxes of comics in our closet paid off in some way. Whenever Quinn points to a comic book character and asks Dallas who it is, Dallas always knows.

We noticed Quinn was into comics a few weeks ago when we saw him at The Piggery. In his little backpack he had sticker books of comics. He played with the book and talked to Dallas about it for so long! So, for his birthday we got him some popup comic books. One was DC Super Heroes and one was The Amazing Spider-Man Pop-Up, because Quinn especially loves Spidey.

Some of the pop ups in the DC comics book were so big and elaborate. They were way taller than Quinn when he was sitting down with the book open in front of him. And, if that’s not enough, this book even had a battery in it and the Batman spread had a lit up bat signal coming out of it! I think he liked them. I know I did! haha

As I was posting this, I realized we had a few more photo so of Quinn from the last few weeks. We hadn’t seen Quinn since New Years Eve with all of the wedding planning and wedding trip, so it was nice to hang out with him these past few weeks.

Here’s from a different night at the Village Tap. After dinner Dallas took Quinn next door and got him a chocolate ice cream cone.

As if Dallas wasn’t already Quinn’s favorite, now he was really his buddy! Of course this all looks innocent, but Dallas is always teaching Quinn such nice habits. …. like telling people they STINK! I’m sure Quinn’s preschool teachers are loving that one. Quinn doesn’t forget either. The last two times we saw him he made sure to tell me I was stinky!

Finally, one from The Piggery, where Quinn had the biggest brownie & ice cream sundae ever!

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