Donkey Balls Factory and Store

March 26th, 2011 · 4 Comments

As we were driving south of Kona, on the way to Greenwell Kona Coffee Farm, we passed by an interesting sign on a store. On the way home we just had to stop.

This is the home of the original Donkey Balls factory and store as well as the Surfin’ Ass Coffee Company. Hm. Very interesting.

We went in and were right away asked if we wanted to try samples of Donkey Balls. I didn’t even know what they were! Turns out they’re all different variations of chocolate covered macadamia nuts.

All of the different Donkey Balls have slightly dirty names. But when you break it down, they all make sense. Sunkissed Balls are Hawaiian macadamia nuts covered in semisweet chocolate and then a Layer of white Chocolate flavored with orange. Balls of Fire are Hawaiian macadamia nuts covered in rich chocolate and then a layer of cayenne pepper. Flaky Balls are chocolate-covered Hawaiian macadamia nuts rolled with flakes of coconut. Jitter Balls are Hawaiian macadamia nuts covered with chocolate and 100% Kona coffee. I think you get the drift.

In the storefront window there was a cat sleeping.

I soon found out that his name is Mr. Butters and that he has a coffee named for him!

I also spotted a guy making donkey balls on site.

They also sell a small selection of Hawaiian products. We just stuck to the balls, though.

Caroline and I ended up getting Salty Balls (chocolate-covered Hawaiian macadamia nuts rolled in sea salt) and Crusty Balls (Hawaiian macadamia nuts covered in rich chocolate and toffee bits added). I think. Don’t quote me on that. I tasted a lot of balls and in the end I can’t remember exactly what we bought. They were delicious, though, and made a good dessert after dinner that night.

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