Shipwreck Beach

March 13th, 2011 · 1 Comment

On Tuesday morning I took an oatmeal soak for my legs and then had breakfast at the house (yay berries & yogurt!). Matt, Ross, Dallas and I then headed over to Shipwreck Beach. We met up with Colleen, Marina and Laura, otherwise known as “The Boston Girls,” even though Laura moved to Los Angeles a couple years ago. Jordan and Liz joined us shortly after.

Shipwreck Beach quickly became a favorite of our friends on this trip. It was nearby (but not walking distance) and less crowded than the Sheraton Beach or Poipu Beach. Plus, it’s gorgeous and there are bathroom facilities and outdoor showers. Parking isn’t great, but usually you can find a spot.

Matt, Ross & Dallas frolicking in the surf. Ross gets pounded into the shore at the end.

Matt, Ross & Dallas. They catch a good one about 3/4 of the way through.

The water is a little more rough over at Shipwrecks than I like, but a lot of the guys were body surfing or using body boards so they all liked it. It’s also very rocky near the shoreline, but if you swim out you’ll get to a sandbar where you can stand and play in the surf. Just play it safe, there are not lifeguards here.

Matt, Ross, and Dallas

Some of the guys later on in the trip got up the courage to jump off the iconic cliff, Makawehi Point, at Shipwrecks. I’d have been more happy if they’d have done this after the wedding, as I was requesting of all people doing risky activities on the trip! Helicopter tour? After the wedding, please. Skydiving? After the wedding! Just read the comments on this post, if you want to learn about how risky this jump is! Bad idea, guys! But luckily, no one was hurt.

Around lunch time Matt, Ross, Dallas, Jordan, Liz and I went to Keoki’s Paradise, a favorite Poipu restaurant of ours. I had a delicious fresh fish (can’t remember what kind!) sandwich and a lava flow, of course. Later on I also tried a Maui Brewing Hot Blonde Lager because Ross could not stop talking about how refreshing it was. Our waitress told us they chill their beer down to 39* degrees. It was so nice after the hot beach.

* Dallas remembers them saying 29 degrees, but I think that would be ice?

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  • Cinnamon

    So nice to read bits about your stay in Hawaii for your wedding. Can’t wait to see you and hug you and congratulate you both.

    And I think 29? makes sense. If left perfectly still for hours, beer will freeze at 28?. Most refrigerators stay at 40ish degrees, but since the freezing temperature is beer is lower than that for water, it makes sense this could be colder.

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