Experts predict an epic, potentially life-threatening winter storm will pound the region this afternoon.

February 1st, 2011 · 6 Comments

Great. Great. Great. That headline is from the Sun-Times, btw. Bunch of businesses and schools already closed, flights already cancelled, stores out of stock, and the worst is yet to come. So thankful for the Trib’s winter storm survival guide, which includes great tips like this:

“If stranded in a remote area, stomp large block letters in an open area spelling out HELP or SOS and line with rocks or tree limbs to attract the attention of rescue personnel who may be surveying the area by airplane.”

Still, I might head home at lunchtime or early afternoon. What? The news just told me to! Also? That Hawaii trip can’t come soon enough. Get me out of here!

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  • RachelleB

    From the National Weather Service: “Consider if getting to your destination is worth putting your life at risk.”

  • RachelleB

    Also? I don’t know what people are stocking up on at the store. I can see buying shovels and salt or whatever… but what is up with the grocery stores running out of food? If it snows 3 feet of snow… you can’t still get to a corner market or the taqueria, at the very least? This is not Wisconsin where we’d sit out in the boonies buried under feet of snow and wait 3 days before the snow plow came by. Where we literally could not get out or walk anywhere.

  • Felix

    I did a run to the store for food yesterday, but mostly because I just didn’t want to leave the apartment once the snow comes. It was less about survival, and a lot more about me being proactively lazy.

    Still can’t tell how much is hyperbole, and how much is real. I treat local news like an uncle who tells crazy stories – probably lots of embellishment going on, for every ounce of truth.

    What sucks is… even if we do get this big blizzard, my commute is ridiculously easy. It’s a 5 minute walk to the Logan Stop, and the Jackson Blue Line pops me out literally 10 steps from the door to my building. Shy of my company closing its doors (which is doubtful), I don’t really have an excuse *not* to come in.

    Either way, tonight and tomorrow should make for some good photos (and good blog content).

  • RachelleB

    Got an email from the CTA: “Buses and trains will operate on a regular weekday schedule; however, CTA will run longer trains during the day to accommodate riders who decide to leave work early due to the storm. Normally, after rush hour, the CTA reduces the number of cars in each train. We plan to keep running longer trains during the storm to keep tracks as clear as possible. ”

    Also, I read that Gov. Quinn has already called in the National Guard and that O’Hare has already cancelled 1,200. The snow has just begun.. if this thing is not epic we are all going to look like fools!

  • RachelleB

    Dallas’s office just closed. Tomorrow too.

  • RachelleB

    The official count is 17″ at O’Hare and it is still snowing. Blizzard warning til 3pm today.

    Our snow is very drifty. One our patio downstairs there’s a big drift against the ivy wall. If I stand in front of it, it’s about waist to chest high. In our front “yard” and sidewalk, a lot of it is totally clear from the wind. Like I can see the sidewalk. But then the street, which has not been plowed yet, looks like it is up to the windows of the cars. Some of our sidewalk looks about waist high, but I can also see the fire hydrant and that is not that tall.. so depends.

    There are hundreds of cars here that have been abandoned on Lake Shore Drive. Or some people spent the night in their cars. It was all blocked up and bad by the lake and then a bus jack knifed. The cars are all getting towed now. The National Guard is out in full force.

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