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I thought I knew a lot of people this year who were pregnant or having a baby. I thought it was a lot. So, I decided to make a list. It IS a lot.

People I know that had a baby this year:

Christine had a baby boy, Vincent
Eric’s wife had a baby boy, Anton
Abby had a baby boy, Jack
Len and Umeki had a baby girl, Logan
Lynda had a baby girl, Lyla
Matt and Molly had a baby girl, Lucy
Candrice had a baby boy, Max
Suzi and Eric had a baby boy, Kalis
Dana had a boy, Ethan
Tony had a girl, Maeve
Carolina had a girl, Alyssa
Rion had a girl, Clementine
Steve’s wife had a baby girl, Isabella

People I know who are still expecting:

Sean T.C.
Steve and Amy
Abby and Phil are expecting twins
Walt and Tabitha have a baby girl on the way
Erin and Scott are awaiting a girl
Liz and Killian, also a baby girl
Pek and Kim
Dave S.
Naoko and Doug
Angie and Steve
Molly and Eric
Eleanor and Dan

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