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Halloween House Party

October 31st, 2010 · 2 Comments

I wasn’t going to do anything this year for Halloween because I knew that I had to go to Wisconsin that weekend to work on our wedding invitations. Also, I don’t usually do much for Halloween. It’s not really my thing. So, I got invited to a few parties and I turned them down. It figures then that Dallas came home Thursday night all excited to go to a friend’s Halloween party! When he showed me the emailled invitation it read as though the party was really just a pre-party and that they’d be going out to bars or other places later on. I bought a witch hat and figured I’d pre-party and when everyone left I’d go home at a nice and early time. Of course, everyone was still pre-partying at midnight when I hit a wall and had to leave! I had fun, but, luckily I was not drinking because we drove so I was not hungover the next day and we got all of the wedding invitation stuff done.

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Sola Brunch

October 30th, 2010 · 1 Comment

Malasadas, Sola, North Center, Chicago

On the last day of our weekend together we all went out to drink my favorite drink at Sola. (According to the bachelorette quiz, Dallas thinks my favorite drink is coffee.) I insisted that we start off by sharing a couple plates of malasadas, a Portuguese doughnut that is popular in Hawaii. At Sola the malasadas are served with raspberry coulis and hot fudge. Awesome way to start off the day.


Jess B and I decided to indulge in a couple more drinks. Sola has a wasabi bloody mary but when I asked the waiter about it, he said he preferred the classic bloody mary and the wasabi one was more of a gimmick. I took his recommendation and it was great. Jess B got one of the mimosas, I believe.

Jess B

All of the brunch entrees on the Sola menu looked so delicious. I was sitting by Jill and Amanda and we all flip-flopped so much. In the end I got the kalua pork hash (poached eggs, pico de gallo, guacamole). It was good, but I’ve had a ton of kalua pig in Hawaii and it wasn’t as good as there. Jeannette also got the kalua pork hash.

Kalua Pork Hash (poached eggs, pico de gallo, guacamole)

Kristin got the classic eggs benedict (poached eggs, house made canadian bacon, hollandaise, english muffin), Amanda got the short rib benedict (poached eggs, cheddar biscuits, pesto, hollandaise), Jill got the ham and cheese french toast (mustard honey, plum preserves), Jess G shocked her system with vegetables by ordering the chicken salad (napa cabbage, carrots, snow peas, bean sprouts, miso vinaigrette, crisp wontons), and Jess B got the wild mushroom omelet (leeks, asparagus, prairie fruits farm goat cheese).

Wild Mushroom Omelet (leeks, asparagus, prairie fruits farm goat cheese)

After brunch we were all outside chatting. It was such a nice day. We couldn’t have asked for better weather. For some reason flashbulbs started going off on Jill and I.

Rachelle & Jill

Another angle!

Rachelle & Jill

Then someone suggested we all take a photo together.

Jess B, Jess G, Rachelle, Jill, Jeannette, Kristin, Amanda

What a fun way to end the weekend! Thanks to everyone for the planning they did and for the out-of-town guests for coming to Chicago to help me celebrate!

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Ricochet’s Tavern

October 30th, 2010 · No Comments

Dallas’s side of the family – Caroline & Cory

After our cooking class at The Chopping Block we headed out to go to a bar in Lincoln Square. I’d sort of intended to go to Tiny Lounge in North Center, then someone suggested that we bar hop our way there. As we walked down Lincoln Avenue all of the bars were so packed that we could hardly walk in, let alone sit all 10 of us together. And then we walked past the dive bar, Ricochet’s Tavern. No one had really intended for Ricochet’s to be our after-party, but it wasn’t packed and there was plenty of space for us to all sit together. It did the trick.

Jessica & Kelly – Dangerous Duo!

Jess set up a game. Kelly kept score.

Jess G asking questions

Jeannette got me a vodka + lemon shot. She obviously wasn’t there during the vodka lemonade Summer of Rachelle!

Vodka & Lemon wedge. Blech!

Jess G surprised me with a game that she planned ahead of time. She asked Dallas 20 questions and got the answers. The game was for me to answer the questions and see if our answers matched. Or, more like, to answer the questions in the way I thought Dallas would have answered them. Each of my friends was to say how many answers they thought I’d get right. The winner got to do a celebratory shot with me. Oh. And? I had to drink a shot for every answer I got wrong.

Rachelle & Jess

Long distance apple pucker shots from Ted

More questions!

More shots!

Also? A bunch of the questions were really obscure. How old is Dallas’s oldest pair of underwear? And a bunch of the questions he answered “I don’t know.” Or said the answer then said, “She won’t know this.” Meaning I drank a lot of shots. At one point the bartender said “You’re going to kill that girl” because every 5 minutes my friends were up at the bar buying another shot.


Something is hilarious!

Interspersed with the questions, I had to do a bachelorette scavenger hunt. First I had to find a guy in the bar named Phil. There weren’t any. I even asked the bouncer who was checking IDs. But funny thing…. right after we asked him, like the next guy coming in was named Phil!

Asking some dudes if anyone is named Phil. They lied and said YES.

Looking for a guy named Phil.


Kelly made me drink Irish whiskey.

Then? I had to find a penny from the year that Dallas and I met: 2004. Funny thing… Phil had the penny! I found out later on he was set up. It was really Amanda that had the penny. What a let down! I thought Phil was my go-to guy.

Amanda setting up a trick!

Asking guys if they had a penny from 2004. The year Dallas and I met.

Penny from 2004?

No, but this guy had funny stories.

Everyone wants a photo with the bachelorette


Jill made me drink butterscotch schnapps

And peach schnapps.

I think I had 7 shots total. The bartender told my friends they were going to kill me.

When I had to find an unused condom, guess who I asked? Phil, my go-to guy! But he didn’t have one. And get this, I talked to every guy in Ricochet’s. No one had a condom. We were not asking to take it… we just wanted to see one. Not one guy!! Shame, shame.

Help me find a condom

Sean? I put him to work trying to find a condom.

Do you have a condom?

Do you have a condom?

Do you have a condom? No, but I’m flattered you asked.

At the end of the night Kristin and Jill tied at guessing how many questions I’d get right: 7.

We asked Dallas 20 questions. How many do you think Rachelle will answer correctly?

Kristin couldn’t drink any more because of her medication so she somehow recruited Amanda to drink her celebratory shot for her. I have never seen Amanda drink before this night and I surely had never seen her do a shot. Luckily, Cory took a quick video of this momentous occasion:

Winning Shots. Jill and Kristin tied for the win. Amanda drank Kristin’s shot for her. Pigs flew.

Leftover shot!

Leftover shot for the game-leader

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