Rare Bird Preserves

This year the Logan Square farmers market is the biggest it’s ever been. One of my favorite new stands has to be Rare Bird Preserves. I talked to the people working the stand a few times. They make all their preserves by hand in a commercial kitchen in Oak Park.

I started out by getting these strawberry rhubarb preserves. They’re so delicious and I don’t even care for rhubarb that much, but found that it added a great tartness and countered the sweetness of the strawberry. On another visit to the market I picked up two more flavors of Rare Bird preserves: Lemon Blueberry and Peach Lavender. I sampled these before I bought them and they were so delicious. I can’t wait to crack them open and start using them at home.

P.S. Check out what these entrepreneuring young boys were selling on the boulevard next to the market:

I wonder which one of them is named Emil! ha

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