World Cup Soccer: U.S. vs. England

June 14th, 2010 · No Comments

Many of our friends are soccer fans. They used to play in a league, they watch all the games they can, and they’ve even travelled to other countries to watch games. Dallas and I are not big soccer fans, but when our friends rented out the back room at Toons because the U.S. team was taking on the English team, we were there. Our friend who we affectionately call Limey is, of course, from England. He had 1 or 2 other friends cheering on his side, otherwise we were all cheering for the U.S.

There were probably… I don’t know? 50 friends and friends of friends there to watch the game. There was also a drink special. I think it was $30 for 3 hours all you can drink. I didn’t participate. I never drink enough to make a deal like that worth it.

England scored first and Limey went nuts. I mean really nuts. Screaming and jumping. It was pretty funny.

Then the U.S. team scored a point. And everyone made fun of Limey (red shirt).

And he tried to say he’d been so humble when England scored a goal. Yeh right!

The game ended up a tie, which was probably best for everyone. Later on, we played shuffleboard. Dallas used Quinn for a puck.

I’m not sure if it was part of the bet, or if Limey just did it to be a good sport, but he put on a U.S. soccer jersey. Then he took this photo with me with the jersey on and said that it was our wedding gift.

Everyone had thought that hell froze over or pigs were flying because he was wearing the U.S. jersey, so everyone wanted to get their photo with Limey.

Later on we went to Guthrie’s. Chad and Limey swapped shirts. Both were U.S.A. shirts, but look how tight Chad’s shirt is on Limey and how baggy Limey’s shirt is on Chad. Limey had an undershirt on, but Chad? He was topless in the bar for a bit while the shirt situation got sorted out. It happens.

Ted really wanted to do shots. Really bad. Of Jaegermeister, no less. Ew. I somehow avoided it. Others did not. Then others got caught looking like this:

After a while a bunch of us realized we were exhausted. It was only like 9:00 p.m., but we got to Toons at about 12:30 p.m. or a little after, so it had been a long day. We got some grub at a new taco spot on Irving Park, Rockin’ Taco, and called it a night. (More on Rockin’ Taco later!)

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