Amish Friendship Bread – Cinnamon Raisin Walnut Muffins

March 17th, 2010 · 5 Comments

Amish Friendship Bread is bread made from sourdough starter that is shared in the same fashion as a chain letter. Someone, who knows when, starts the dough and it gets fed and reproduces like crazy. At the end you use a bit of your dough to make bread or muffins and then pass on bags of starter to your friends.

My coworker Aimee passed some starter on to me a few weeks ago. I took care of it, fed it, bathed it, in sickness and in health. About ten days later I added a few more ingredients and made it into cinnamon raisin walnut muffins. Dallas and I ate a bunch of them over a weekend. The rest I brought to work on Monday, where they were a big hit!

I passed extra starter dough onto Anjum and Jess. Hope their bread/muffins turned out as good as mine!

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  • Darien Gee

    Hi Rachelle! These muffins look AMAZING! I’d love to add them to our gallery at the Friendship Bread Kitchen with credit to you and a linkback to your blog! Let me know. In the meantime I’ll post the link to our blog on our page … total yum! Hope you’re doing well!


    • RachelleB

      Darien – you can add them to your gallery so long as you do the credit/linkback. Thanks for asking, glad you like the photos!

      • Darien Gee

        Thank you, Rachelle! I’ll add them this week! If you’d like to submit the recipe as well, I’m happy to feature it on our Facebook wall, too (with credit and a link back as well) — we have over 60,000 fans who are all about Amish Friendship Bread! Email me if you’re interested or submit directly online under the Recipe Box. Hope you’re having a great summer! xoxo Darien

  • Ditto

    Can you post the recipe?

    • RachelleB

      I could post the steps and ingredients I did, but they’re kind of useless because I was given the base starter dough already made. If you do a Google search you can get some recipes for starting the dough. Good luck!

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