Portuguese Vinegar Meat

February 12th, 2010 · 2 Comments

Whenever we go back to Kauai Dallas’s Aunty Nancy makes Dallas’s favorite meal for him and sends him home to wherever we’re staying with a ton of leftovers for the trip. Aunty Nancy is Portuguese and the dish she makes is like a beef pot roast, but really vinegar-y and served with rice, of course. I don’t know what this is really called, but we have always called it Portuguese Vinegar Meat and Dallas loooves it.

A few months ago Dallas was in Washington DC for work. Aunty Nancy’s oldest daughter Tandy lives there with her husband Chris. They just had their first baby, Kai (photo to the right!!!), and Aunty Nancy has been staying with them to help out. They all spent a couple days together and somehow Dallas got Aunty Nancy to give up the Portuguese meat recipe!

Dallas came home and immediately had to try his hand at it. It turned out good.. maybe a little too much vinegar for my liking, but very good. I think we have a few tweaks to work out before it’s up to Aunty Nancy’s standard. I’m sure we’ll be making this many many times until we get it exactly right! We also thought about trying to adapt it for the slow cooker.

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  • nan

    koen saw kai & said “look. koko” he thought it was himself, kinda right it does look like him a bit when he was born with all the dark hair. super cute!

  • bonnie

    aww. no recipe? I LOVE portugese food! sadly, there are not any more portugese restaurants where I live :(

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