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December 30th, 2009 · 4 Comments

This year I read 34 books, which is a record for me. More than I’ve read each of the previous 5 years, at least. I’m not really sure how it happened. I thought last year’s record was because I had the summer off, but I for sure didn’t have the summer off this year! Maybe I just read shorter books this year.

Here’s what I read in past years:

This year I also stopped holding on to a lot of books. I’ve been keeping the ones I really like, or that I think I might read again, but all the others I’ve been selling on Gets rid of the clutter and adds a little money to my wallet. Win win.

Here are all of the books I read in 2009:

finished 12.29.09

finished 12.26.09

finished 12.16.09

finished 11.19.09

finished 11.18.09

finished 11.10.09

finished 10.07.09

finished 10.04.09

finished 09.21.09

finished 08.28.09

finished 08.28.09

finished 08.25.09

finished 08.16.09

finished 08.07.09

finished 08.07.09

finished 07.18.09

finished 06.17.09

finished 06.14.09

finished 06.10.09

finished 06.08.09

finished 05.26.09

finished 05.22.09

finished 05.13.09

finished 05.03.09

finished 04.24.09

finished 04.18.09

finished 04.15.09

finished 03.27.09

finished 03.17.09

finished 03.04.09

finished 02.11.09

finished 01.23.09

finished 01.19.09

finished 01.01.09
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