Christmas Dinner at Auntie Gail’s

Derek & Mitch

Tommy was tickling Kate and Kate was giggling like crazy.

Derek playing the pinball machine that’s so old his dad and uncles used to play it at his age.

Ben, Derek, Chris, Mitch – Nintendo DSi was a popular gift this year.

Chris & Kenji setting up for the adult’s gift bag swap.

Mitch in the midst of the swap

Aly was excited to win a Snuggie in the swap. Cool, because we brought it!

Aly modeling her new Snuggie

Kids are all ready to go home and to bed: Derek, Tommy, Ben, Kenji, Kate

On Christmas day we always go to Dallas’ Auntie Gail’s house in Mt. Prospect. This was the first year we had a car to actually drive ourselves out, which doesn’t seem like a big deal, but in the past it’s always been a hassle to try to get a ride.

Auntie Gail made the same dinner she makes every year: beef tenderloin, mashed potatoes, corn, green bean casserole and her mom’s lettuce/mayo/crab/pea/something salad. Not a huge fan of the salad but everything else was fantastic, as always.

All of the adults have a $10 gift bag exchange after dinner. This year didn’t get too crazy, except when someone took away Aly’s gift. She had her eye on one and it turned out to be a Snuggie, which she was really psyched about. And it was awesome for us because that was one of the gifts we brought. Dallas ended up getting a metal water bottle and I got a scrapbook with two $5 bills taped on it. Not sure how that works out. Aly brought it and tried to explain it to me, but I wasn’t following. Ha.

Previous Christmases at Auntie Gail’s:

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