Siggi’s Icelandic Yogurt vs. Fage Greek Yogurt

September 10th, 2009 · 25 Comments


I’ve been eating Fage nonfat Greek yogurt every day with fruit for years. This year I started hearing a lot about Siggi’s Icelandic style nonfat yogurt and how much better than Fage. On a recent trip to Whole Foods I saw Siggi’s so I grabbed a container to try.



Both of these yogurts are strained and thick, both have a smooth textures, both have very few and only natural ingredients, both have a bit of a yogurt tang. To be honest, when I added my farmers market raspberries and a bit of granola I couldn’t tell much difference. I think that Siggi’s was slightly thicker.


Here’s the big decider – price. Fage is already a splurge. I pay $2 per container of it and eat it every day. That’s $10/week not counting the fruit or berries or granola I add. I justify the expense because I love it so much and because it’s a very healthy way to start my day each morning. So, the fact that Siggi’s is about $0.70 more per container.. that’s a deal breaker for me.. especially when I couldn’t tell a dramatic difference to begin with.

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  • Steve

    Oooh, Icelandic Yogurt. I’ll have to try this on my next WF run.

  • Sarah

    I’m with you on the Fage – less expensive and just as good. I also like the texture of Fage a little better. I eat it every day also – currently loving it with a swirl of Trader Joe’s pumpkin butter and some toasted pecans on top!

  • Justin

    You should give Liberte yogurts a try. They’re not carried in many places, but they’re definitely the healthiest yogurts out there: they’ve got the least amount of sugar that I’ve seen. I like Greek yogurt like Fage, but am not always in the mood for it. Check out Liberte here:

  • OTC

    If you eat yogurt every morning, you might want to try making your own.

    I’ve done it in the past with milk from the farmers market, it wasn’t too difficult, but I am not that much of a yogurt eater to do it regularly.

  • Joel

    Skyr! Had much skyr when we had our trip to Iceland

  • RachelleB

    Just thought I’d add a few more thoughts –

    My local Jewel supermarket has been out of Fage the last few times I’ve visited so I’ve been trying other brands. Note to self: Do not ever buy Greek Gods yogurt again. It’s SO sour.. like so sour I thought it was spoiled at first.

  • RachelleB

    Oikos (made by Stonyfield) is an ok Greek yogurt replacement if your supermarket is out of Fage, but it’s not as thick as Fage.. so I don’t like it as much. Brown Cow is another alright substitute, but same thing: Not as thick.

  • Barbara

    Fage is on sale now til 5/11/2010. 3/$4
    Thanks for rhe review. I love it!

  • Barbara

    Whole Foods :-)

  • Barbara

    Fage on sale 3/$4
    Brown Cow Greek Yogurt 5/$5
    Greek Gods 5/$5

    at Whole Foods now.

  • RachelleB

    One thing I noticed about Oikos… no matter how I try to open it, it always sprays out yogurt drops. So annoying!!!

  • Lisamarie

    ….. does anyone notice the drastic protein difference though! ? 16g of protein in the siggi .. you get what you pay for .


  • Claire

    Keep in mind that prices vary by store and location. Where I live in so Calif, Siggi’s actually costs less. So don’t go by price as suggested in this article, do your own price comparison.

  • RachelleB

    Roundy’s makes a store-brand Greek yogurt now. I just tried it today with some granola. Not bad! And only $1/container!

  • Ilene

    I also eat Fage fat free every day, mostly because I love it! Only difference i can see is amount of sugar….Fage 9g, Siggi 4g which is less than half!

  • Nicol

    I ran across Siggi’s by chance at my local safeway and decided to try not because of the fat or texture difference, but because they use AGAVE NECTAR as the sweetener. As a diabetic i’m constantly on the look out for foods that use agave as it is very low on the glycemic index.

  • Gil Brovar

    Siggi yogurt is the most awful tasting yogurt I have ever had in my life. I tried several flavors and they all taste like wallpaper paste. I would rather go hungry than eat this.

  • Tim Liao

    I bought some yesterday at my local Target for $1.25 a cup to try. I like it better than Greek.

    • Tim Liao

      BTW I also like Siggi because it doesn’t add any gums like guar gum that Faggi and the other Greek yogurts add

  • Anonymous

    Siggi’s is very-good, better than all the Greek yogurts. However, the best IS Noosa Yoghurt, hands-down!

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