The Best Street Meat in New York

Dallas has been traveling for work since last week. In the beginning part of the week he was in Tallahassee. Then on Thursday he went to New York City and he’s still there now. Friday night I flew in to join him for the weekend. This was the first time we’ve ever been to New York at the same time, which I was crazy excited about. He’s met most of my friends that live in New York, but I was excited to be with the guy I love, in the city I love, with friends I love. Sappy, but true.

On Friday night, I got into New York pretty late. But not too late that we were too tired to meet Jeannette and Yvan for a few drinks nearby our Midtown hotel. Since Dallas and I hadn’t eaten since 3 or 4 pm, Jeannette and Yvan took us to the street cart at 53rd and 6th to get some platters. I never knew this, but 53rd and 6th is known to be the best street meat in NY. What other street meat cart actually has it’s own website?

I got chicken


and Dallas got lamb/gyro.


I can’t decide if those photos look disgusting or delicious.

I must admit that I liked the gyro better than the chicken. The white sauce, which was kind of like taziki, was great, but watch out for the hot sauce. It’s super hot. Even Jeannette and Dallas said so (not just wussy me). These guys serve on the corner of 53rd and 6th from 7:30 pm til 4:00 am, so check them out if you’re in Midtown at bar close! There were a TON of people standing around the plaza there eating.

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