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March 24th, 2009 · 5 Comments


If I remember right, the story is that this was given to my parents.. or me.. when I was born. I was the first-born child in our family. I believe this is a paperweight from a bank called The First. It appears that they only have locations in Mississippi, which is curious. I was born in Florida and have family on my dad’s side all over the south. I wonder who lived in Mississippi that gave this to us.. or if the bank used to have more locations in other states.

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  • Richard

    I remember that thing, but more importantly… why do you have it??

    I always thought it was First State Bank

  • RachelleB

    i dont know why i have it. i found it when we were moving.

    also, since my computer is busted you might see a lot of these random draft posts getting published here.

  • chuck

    That’s cool. But my inner advertiser is even happier, because that is one long-lasting premium! If only the client’s logo were on it… ;)

  • dad

    That item was given to you by a man by the name of John Ogletree.He owned a half of dozen orange groves and homes in the Olando Fa.area.The item represents Bank First in Centeral Fa. When you were born he gave it to me and your mom.He was agood friend of your Grandfather and my friend also.When times were hard down there he would always find a side job for me to do.Painting, triming brush and picking oranges.

  • RachelleB

    Dad – finally the story.. that sounds familiar, I’m sure I’ve heard it before. Just forgot. Definitely recognize his name. That is nice that he was such a good friend!

    Chuck – yeh.. isn’t that funny. You never think some cheap giveaway would hang around for 30-some years! Too bad there are 3 different banks we were all associating it with. Better branding is needed, indeed.

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