Irazu Costa Rican Restaurant

March 11th, 2009 · 6 Comments

I’ve wanted to try Irazu Costa Rican Restaurant for quite some time. The need became more urgent now that it is only one train stop or a quick bus ride away from where I live. Last month Erin and Cinnamon and I were talking about where to go to dinner and I suggested Irazu. They were both down, so we scheduled it.

The funny thing is, when I told Dallas where we were going to go for dinner he looked at their menu and their site online and saw that they deliver to our house. That very night we ordered a few things to try the restaurant out. We got:

  • Patacones (aka Tostones con Mojo) Double fried green plantains covered with roasted garlic oil with pureed black beans
  • Pepito Sandwich Rib eye steak, sauteed onions, cheese, pinto beans & Lizano sauce
  • Costa Rican Sandwich Thinly sliced beef on french bread served with cheese,lettuce, tomato,mayo, mustard & Lizano sauce
  • Onioned Steak Thin rib eye sauteed with TONS of onions served with yellow rice, pinto beans,fried green plantains (tostones) & cabbage salad

I loooved the pepito sandwich, but didn’t really like the Costa Rican sandwich at all. It was ok, but nothing extraordinary. Dallas liked the onioned steak. I liked the fried plantains with the garlic and beans. They’re not Dallas’ favorite preparation of plantains, he found them to be too dry.

Ok. So fast forward a few weeks. Erin and Cinnamon and I went to Irazu. Cinnamon suggested the avena shake (oatmeal shake) so we all got it. It was delicious. Light. I thought it was going to be some thick oatmeal sludge, but it wasn’t at all. I ordered the pepito sandwich again. This time with avocado on it too. Delicious. Loved it as much as the first time. AND the sandwich is only $4.95.

Avena (Oatmeal) Shake, Irazu, Bucktown, Chicago

Pepito Sandwich, Irazu, Bucktown, Chicago

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  • Olivia Leigh

    The oatmeal shakes there are one of my favourite things in the city. So good!

    Good seeing you yesterday too. I am glad we have been so consistent! No bad photos of me, por favor! :)

  • Richard K. Liu

    I love that place! I get my hair cut at Gro Salon “near” Irazu so I head over there after for some delicious eats.

    The Patacones (with the garlic and the black beans), and the (rib eye) casado with gallo pinto are my favorites from the menu.

    I’m glad you were able to try it out.


  • John Gonazales

    Where is this place? I looks delicious

  • RachelleB

    Olivia – Don’t worry. I don’t post bad photos of friends!

    Richard – We’ll have to try the ribeye next time. A friend also said the chiles rellanos there are good.

    John – The address is 1865 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60647

  • bucktown eats

    Too bad the service is pretty terrible and the owner yelled at my girlfriend in front of everyone waiting because of a simple misunderstanding. won’t go in to the story… but Irazu is blacklisted in my house. be careful is all i’m sayin…

  • Chitown College Kidd

    Sorry to hear that Bucktown Eats . . . the service I received at Irazu’s was the first thing I noticed. They were wonderful to me and I love the family . . . it keeps me comming back for more. The Pepito Sandwich and the Avena shakes are the first things I ever tried there also. I love the veggie specials and going there doing happy hour is always the best!

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