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March 6th, 2009 · 5 Comments

Dunlay's on the Square brunch
Dunlay’s on the Square, Logan Square, Chicago

Dallas and I moved to Logan Square on Halloween 2008 and very shortly after the weather took a nosedive. We became VERY familiar with the taqueria, bar, diner, and bakery on our block, but didn’t venture out much farther than that.

Remember that freakish weekend a few weeks ago when it was 60 degrees outside? That weekend we finally got to go out and walk around and explore the neighborhood we moved into. We started out with brunch at Dunlay’s on the Square. Dallas had to try the Blue Cheese Chips (kettle chips smothered in a blue cheese bechamel topped with fresh blue cheese and Tabasco) because he LOVES blue cheese. He also had the Strange Daze Omelette (mozzarella, bacon, wild mushrooms, spinach, and hollandaise sauce). I had a bloody mary and the Wrightwood Salad (field greens, sliced chicken, tomatoes, craisens, avocado, almonds and goat cheese). We really liked everything we ate and enjoyed Dunlay’s. Dallas did have to admit that even though he is obsessed with blue cheese, the chips were a bit too much blue cheese. He liked his omelette but it was the hashbrowns that we were really impressed with. There is some secret cheese or cream ingredient in there that was making them extra delicious. My salad was great, too. Everything was in there.

After brunch we walked up Milwaukee and went to Game Stop. We looked at a bunch of games for the Wii, DS Lite, and PlayStation, but didn’t buy anything. We walked over to the Gap Outlet on Milwaukee. We browsed around and tried a few things on. Each of us ended up getting 1 or 2 things at a big discount. I think the Gap Outlet is probably hit and miss, but we got a few hits that day. We also went to Blockbuster and just browsed around. We didn’t get anything. On the way out we hit up the Baskin Robbins for some soft serve and frozen yogurt.

It was a beautiful day and I was so happy just to be spending time with Dallas outside and finally looking at the place we moved to months ago. Major spring fever now! I want to get my bike out!

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  • Justin

    My favorite dish from Dunlay’s was their pork tenderloin. It’s insanely good. Try it for dinner sometime. You can order food for pickup, too.

  • Lynn Stevens

    On your next Dunlay’s visit, you’ll have to try the chocolate chip cookie in a skillet with ice cream! It’s quite a treat.

  • RachelleB

    Will have to check out your recommendations. I’m sure we’ll be back to Dunlay’s. Justin, maybe I can get off the train at Logan, grab some food and walk down home. An option.

    I have plans this weekend to go to the Logan movie theater for the first time and to go to Rustik for the first time. It’s nice getting to know the neighborhood.

  • Dad

    Rachelle, Have you ever read about a restraunt
    in the Chicgo area called Medieval Restraunt
    A person at work was telling me about it .It in a castel and you eat everything with your hands dring soup out of the bowls.She said it was lot of fun.
    Have a great day

  • RachelleB

    yeh, it’s not actually in Chicago, it’s in Shaumburg. Like where that Ikea is that we went to. It’s called Midieval Times.

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