Dad’s 60th Birthday Party

February 17th, 2009 · 4 Comments

Amanda, Richard, Jessica, Mom, Dad, Stephanie, Rachelle, Dallas :: Waupaca, WI

This weekend we went to Wisconsin for my dad’s 60th birthday party. It was nice to visit at my parent’s house and to see many people that I hadn’t seen for so long. Aunts and uncles and cousins, old neighbors from where we grew up, lots of family friends and newer friends that my parents have made. I made four kinds of cookies for the party (more on that later) and took many photos that I will link to when I get through them. I’ve been extra crazy busy lately even with yesterday off. For now, here’s a family photo of us. Jess is the only one not looking at the camera and smiling, but it still captures her perfectly at this point in her life!

Here’s the rest of the photos. Some are mine and some are photos Sue took:

Birthday Cake_3288713245_o
Birthday Cake

Richard, Dallas, Uncle Doug, Dad_3288713351_o
Richard, Dallas, Uncle Doug, Dad

Dominic, Aunt Connie, Katie, Matt_3289530798_o
Dominic, Aunt Connie, Katie, Matt

Uncle Mike, Kelly_3289530854_o
Uncle Mike, Kelly

Amanda, Uncle Doug, Aunt Deb, Melissa, Mom, Uncle Morrie_3289531002_o
Amanda, Uncle Mike, Aunt Deb, Melissa, Mom, Uncle Morrie

Dad & Running Friend Doug_3289531140_o
Dad and his running friend, Doug

Logan & Stephanie_3289531634_o
Stephanie and Logan

Aunt Deb, Dad_3288714837_o
Aunt Deb and Dad


Richard, Dallas, Amanda_3288715379_o
Richard, Dallas, Amanda

Gary & Dad_3288715699_o
Gary and Dad

Uncle Doug, Aunt Deb, Dad_3289513308_o
Uncle Doug, Aunt Deb, Dad

Uncle Doug, Richard, Dallas, Rachelle_3288695113_o
Uncle Doug, Richard, Dallas, Rachelle

Dominic, Aunt Connie, Kelly, Matt_3289512328_o
Dominic, Aunt Connie, Kelly, Matt


Uncle Mike_3288695213_o
Uncle Mike

Uncle Morrie_3288695305_o
Uncle Morrie

Aunt Deb, Uncle Morrie, Melissa_3289512526_o
Aunt Deb, Uncle Morrie, Melissa

Joe, Donna, Dad_3288716281_o
Joe, Donna and Dad


Aunt Connie & Mom_3289512580_o
Aunt Connie and Mom

Lots of Food_3289535048_o
Lots of Food!

Marsha, x, Paul_3289530950_o
Marsha, xx, Paul

Uncle Morrie_3289512622_o
Uncle Morrie

Mom & Uncle Morrie_3288695481_o
Mom and Uncle Morrie

Uncle Morrie & Mom_3288695507_o
Uncle Morrie and Mom

Aunt Connie, Doug, Jessica, Katie_3288695681_o
Aunt Connie, Doug, Jessica, Katie


Mom & Dad_3288695727_o
Mom and Dad


Stephanie, Aunt Ali, Aunt Connie, Uncle Morrie, Melissa_3288695823_o
Stephanie, Aunt Ali, Aunt Connie, Uncle Morrie and Melissa

Uncle Morrie & Aunt Deb_3289513106_o
Uncle Morrie and Aunt Deb

Aunt Sue & Ciara_3288695959_o
Aunt Sue and Ciara

Peter & Ciara_3288695995_o
Peter and Ciara

Uncle Dave & Uncle Morrie_3289533908_o
Uncle Dave and Uncle Morrie

Maureen &_3289513214_o

Uncle Doug, Aunt Deb, Dad_3289533448_o
Uncle Doug, Aunt Deb and Dad

Uncle Doug, Aunt Deb_3289513340_o
Uncle Doug and Aunt Deb

Aunt Ali_3289513398_o
Aunt Ali

Peter & Ciara_3289513442_o
Peter and Ciara

Mom & Friends_3288716837_o
Mom and Friends

Skyonna & Stephanie_3288717097_o
Skyonna and Stephanie

Jessica & Rachelle_3288717217_o
Jessica and Rachelle

George, Gary, Dad's Neighbor, Dad_3288717825_o
George, Gary, Dad’s neighbor, Dad

Dad Cutting the Cake_3288714575_o
Dad cutting his cake.

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  • dad

    Great photo Rachelle,Its been a while since we all had a family photo.And every one smiling even Jessica in her own way

  • RachelleB

    right now if jess was looking at the camera and smiling i’d wonder what was wrong!

    i have at least one other one where she was smiling.. of course, she was being tickled.

    will link to them hopefully later tonight.

  • Jessica

    Happy 60th Dad Bowden!

    That is such a great family picture!!!

  • Aunt Susie

    Great photos Shell. I especially like the one of you and Jessica. A lot of Kodak moments! That family picture is a good one. What a fun day. Who knew such an old man could throw such a good party…

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