OYSY Sushi

Nigiri, OYSY Sushi, Chicago
Nigiri, OYSY, River North, Chicago

Rainbow Dragon Roll, OYSY Sushi, Chicago
Rainbow Dragon Roll, OYSY, River North, Chicago

This week was Paul Baker’s birthday so we took him out to eat at OYSY Sushi. It was nice to hang out with Paul and Kate and to eat large amounts of sushi. I didn’t realize that Paul Baker was so into sushi but was happy to find out he is! Kate still has training wheels a bit, but she’s learning what she likes and is willing to try a lot of things, so that’s great.

I’d been to OYSY a couple times for lunch – they have a yummy $12 bento box – but had never been there for dinner. I enjoyed it a lot. I’m not the best judge of raw fish, but Dallas said he thought it was good and fresh and I trust him. Also, the prices were pretty reasonable as far as sushi in Chicago goes. I think we’ll be back.

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