Survivor Wrigleyville

September 29th, 2008 · 1 Comment

Highly sought after Survivor Wrigleyville merchandise.

Jill & Rachelle

Meg & Chris


On Saturday we celebrated Jill’s birthday at O’Donovan’s. Since she’s a fan of Survivor, Brian planned a whole Survivor-themed party. Even though O’Donovan’s is in North Center, it was Survivor Wrigleyville because that’s where Brian and Jill live.

Danny doing card toss.

Jeff Probst officiating Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Prabha eating creamed spinach baby food.


Marshmallow Toss

Pin the Tail on the Donkey

Danny pinning the tail.

We split off into teams – Jill and Tricia were team captains and Brian played the part of Jeff Probst. We had headbands as tribe buffs and played games based off games played on the show. There was card toss, rock/paper/scissors, a food challenge that involved gross baby food, concentration memory game, a round of Yahtzee, a marshmallow toss, and pin the tail on the donkey. After each challenge the team that lost had to vote someone out of their tribe. Oh, and the team immunity idol was a Fukudome bobble head.. and happened to be the Survivor’s prize, too. I guess we couldn’t expect a million bucks!



Cory playing the Cubs trivia game.

My smashed cookies.

After all these games the tribes merged and we all got hats and played individual challenges. There was a Cubs trivia contest where we had three animal crackers by our names and if you got the question right you got to smash other people’s cookies and they were out when three were smashed. I didn’t last long for that one. The final challenge was standing on one leg with our hands on our hips. Since we’d had a lot to drink by then, it didn’t last long. That’s a hard challenge when drunk!

Rachelle & Limey

Final Three: Rachelle, Cory, Kristin.

Cory is the Survivor Wrigleyville.

The final three were me, Cory and Kristin. Everyone who played the game had to vote for the Survivor Wrigleyville. But you know what? It was a three-way tie! So the final tie breaker was who could chug bottle of Miller Lite the fastest. Cory won!

Rachelle & the O’Donovan’s House Magician

Oh, and there was a random “house magician” that no one really liked. He wanted to do a trick with birthday girl Jill but Jill made me go up.

What a fun party, though. We had a great time. Happy Birthday, Jill!

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  • smussyolay

    the look on your face while you’re standing next to that magician is *priceless.*

    that sounds really fun. i LOVE yahtzee. seriously. it’s so simple, but it can be so fun.

    i think it’s really great when people go to great lengths to come up with party ideas. way to go!

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