Dogsitting for Vegas

July 21st, 2008 · 5 Comments

Vegas, Wrigleyville, Chicago

This past weekend Jill and Brian headed to Napa for a wedding and I took care of their yellow lab, Vegas. He’s a really great dog – well-behaved. He listens and sits before doing most things. For example, when you give him his food he will just sit there in the kitchen until you say “ok” then he will go and eat. He walks really nicely too.

Vegas, Wrigleyville, Chicago

The only thing is that Vegas thinks he’s a little puppy except he weighs .. I don’t know.. like 100 – 150 pounds? He came barreling down the stairs into the downstairs living room and knocked me right into a chair once. Another time I was playing too rough with him, I didn’t know it at the time, and he jumped up and realizing how big he was, I jumped back and his paws caught my leg and bruised it up, but that was totally my fault. I shouldn’t have gotten him so worked up.

Vegas sitting on his butt on the step, Wrigleyville, Chicago

Jill and Brian weren’t 100% sure if I should kennel him when I wasn’t at the house, but I left him out a lot and he didn’t get into anything or make any accidents. Funny thing – one time when I went to their house I couldn’t find Vegas anywhere. Then I saw him sleeping inside his kennel. I think it’s neat the the kennel is his little safety blanket and not a place of punishment. Another thing I found amusing is how he loves to sit on the bottom stair of the stairs that go up. Like with his butt right on the bottom stair. He does it all the time!

Anyway, Vegas is a fun dog. Plus, Jill and Brian let me borrow their car when they were away so I got a lot of errands done.

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  • Richard

    He looks kind of like Milo… he might be big, but I doubt he weighs over 100 lbs, Milo is only 85 and everyone tells us he’s big for a lab.

  • RachelleB

    Oh, maybe you are right. I asked Jill how much Vegas weighs and she said “close to 100 pounds.” I don’t know how to judge a dog’s weight, but that’s a lot to come at you anyway.

  • RachelleB

    Actually, Jill was just over. She said that Vegas used to weigh 110 pounds and they had to put him on a diet. Now he’s just under 100.

  • mom

    He does look like Milo, Our Dakoda weighs around 100ish also and you’re right, that’s allotttaaa dog comin’ atcha !

  • Las Vegas Managing Editor

    I found this through a Google blogs alert for the words Las Vegas. Usually it is the usual stuff about the neon city (which is my job to keep up on).

    However, I read through this and really enjoyed it. Sounds like a great dog and the pictures were fun.

    Ted Newkirk
    Managing Editor

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