Eden Hand Arts

July 15th, 2008 · 83 Comments

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Eden Hand Arts, Dennis, Cape Cod

The first time I’d heard of jewelry from Eden is when Jess’s aunt Sally was over saying she had to bring in her daughter Michaela’s bracelet to get a new size. As she spoke about the place I realized what a cult following it has to those who live and frequently visit Cape Cod. And I realized how odd Eden is when she told the story of how she has a pair of earrings and lost one. She went to the store to buy another and they were so particular about them that they wouldn’t sell her the a replacement for the lost earring without seeing the one she still had first. Apparently, the earrings were of fish – herrings – and the eyes face each other, if worn properly. Therefore, they didn’t want to sell her the wrong one and since she didn’t have the other with her, they refused the sale. Picky, some would say, but really they are just very, very strict about what goes out of the shop and how it is worn.

Eden Hand Arts, Dennis, Cape Cod

We were intrigued by Sally’s stories and by stories we heard in the following days. It seemed that all of Jess’s family had jewelry from Eden, or a story at least. Jess even had their “Cape Cod Screwball” bracelet, which is their original and most well-known piece. Julie and I decided we had to see the place. The Eden showroom is actually located in a tiny little cabin in Dennis – kind of hidden away. There’s no parking aside from the driveway of the house next to the cabin. I assume this is the house the owners live in. If you park on the road they’ll come out and tell you to move it or get towed. We barely squeezed into a parking space in the driveway. Next we walked over to the store area and there was a line. Never mind the fact that they’d just opened 10 minutes ago. There was a line already. It didn’t seem long, but since the store is really just a tiny cabin with 2-3 people working in it, and they give individual attention to each person that walks through the door, it actually took a while to make it in.

Eden Hand Arts, Dennis, Cape Cod

Other Eden oddities: You can’t enter the store until you’re asked to come in. They’re only open from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. and only on four days of the week. Cash and checks only, no credit or debit cards. They won’t mail anything anywhere. You can bring a wrist measurement and buy a bracelet, but you can’t bring a neck measurement and buy a “neck wire,” which I think is a hard, shaped necklace. They must get a lot of people making fakes because they have signs up about how this store is the only place you can buy their merchandise. It’s not in other stores, it’s not online, it’s not called anything else.

Eden Hand Arts, Dennis, Cape Cod

So, when we finally got into Eden, our party – Jess, Julie and I – is taken care of by the sweetest grandmother-ish woman. We were not rushed, hence the line, and she let us look at and try on anything we wanted. There was no pressure to buy, the jewelry sells itself. Eden stands behind the jewelry they make. A woman came in with a broken bracelet and they replaced it. Just like that. They asked her a few lifestyle questions so they could maybe determine how it was damaged, but she was in and out with a completely new bracelet in 10 minutes flat.

Julie’s Eden bracelet and herring ring

Julie’s Eden herring ring

So, what did we get? Jess got a sterling silver Cape Cod open bracelet to be worn with her other sterling silver Cape Cod bracelet, which she had at home. Julie got the classic Cape Cod bracelet (single ball, like the one Jess had at home) in two-tone gold and sterling silver. She also got a sterling silver herring ring. And me? I got the two-toned 16″ necklace and a pair of two-toned earrings. Also, just like everything else, after you’ve been to Eden and bought some things, you start to notice everyone has them. At least everyone on the Cape.

Jessica’s Eden bracelet

Rachelle’s Eden necklace and earrings

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  • Kelly

    Does anyone know if they are open Labor day weekend?? I called the number and looked on the website, but the only thing I saw is they may be closed Aug. 28. Thanks!!!

  • Eileen

    No they are closed for the summer season. They will reopen in mid November for a few weeks. The times are listed on their website.

  • kristine

    what is their website address?

  • beth richards

    can you tell me how much these bracelets cost? i am considering buying one for a gift but would love to know what i would be paying.

  • Allie

    My single ball ss bracelet was ~$60 in ’08 and my double ball ss bracelet was ~$90 in ’09. The ss and gold bracelets are a bit more.

  • Judie

    Just back from my second experience with Eden and, once again, they did not fail to impress me. This trip, there was NO ONE IN LINE to get in. My girlfriend and I were first when we got there and there was three gals in the shop. Barbara invited us in and was just so terrific! My treasures this year are the Herring ring ($100,) the sterling & gold ball hanging earrings ($100) and the Forget Me Not bracelet ($192.) I also picked up a piece of Rachel’s pottery – a little “butter stamp” with acorns and leaves ($16.) I couldn’t be happier. Barbara was a delight and took all the time in the world with us. I can’t wait to go back! From what I can remember, some of the prices are as follows: Double Screw Ball bracelet ($192,) Heart w/ball bracelet ($192,) Twist with gold ball in loop ($192,) single gold ball ring ($100,) Herring bracelet w/gold eye ($192,) Herring or Cod bracelet w/dangling clasp ($192) and the Odd Ball bracelet ($192.) In a nut shell, the bracelets are abt $192, earrings & rings $100. I don’t remember what the single ball bracelet was going for and didn’t even look at the necklaces. That’s for next time………………..
    I still don’t think that’s high especially for handcrafted jewelry. As for the hub-bub about waiting in line, people getting testy & how Eden should be grateful — enough! It is an experience. If you’re not willing to go through the experience, stay home. No, they don’t need any of us “outsiders” in order to exist. Just because some people didn’t get their way, doesn’t mean that they have a right to force their will on Eden. This is, and has been, a family owned & manned business for many, many years. Their following is locals and their offspring. The economy has not affected their livlihood in the least and I’m glad for them. They are truly an American success story!

  • Briana

    What is their website address? Can you purchase them online? I never have the time to make the trip up there to purchase one.

  • Briana

    Can you purchase them online? If so does anyone have the link? I never have the time to make the trip up there to purchase one.

  • Alicia

    Eden does not sell their items online. So STFUUUUUUUPPPPPP!!!!!!

    • New England Girl

      Alicia, somethings are too precious to be bought and sold over the internet. They are traditional. Please, be respectful.

  • New England Girl

    Here’s the website! Enjoy :0)


  • Allie

    Love Eden’s! Always great service, you just have to be patient and aware of their schedule. Beautiful jewelery that is very well made :)

    Does anyone know if they finally have the triple ball ss bracelet??

  • jen

    Just came back from my very first trip to Eden and I will never return. I went with my sister-in-law who knew a ticket was required to enter the store. Our ticket was good for a total of three people during the hours of 1-4pm. We arrived a little after 1pm and there was only two people standing outside ahead of us. We brought her elderly mother with us who needed to use the restroom upon arrival. I wanted to just peek my head into the store to inquire if they had a public bathroom or where I may find one close by, I was told under no circumstances would I be allowed to ask the employees of Eden any questions unless they opened the door. Really? They do want my business right? But, apparently not! After stepping out of line and returning back after using the restroom down the street I tried to return to meet up with my sister-in-law who had chosen to stay and go in the store. While I was trying to get her attention through the glass door the rude sales person scolded her like a child and told her to move away fron the door. So I waited outside again until it was my turn….the anticipation building within me….if people are treated like this and still come back they must really have something special inside that little house…not…and the rudeness continued…not only did I feel like Dorothy waiting to see the Wizard, similar to the Seinfield episode I wanted to scream “No soup for you” the woman who waited on my sister-in-law could not have been ruder. I could go on and give much more detail but it is too much to type. I am all for supporting small family run businesses but I would also like to be appreciated as a customer

    • CG

      I agree, they are rude, I’m a cape resident and have been in there several times… Always an air if superiority with those people, almost like they want customers to squirm and cower under their silly “rules”… A humorous yet generally unpleasant experience.

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  • Kathy

    Does anyone know how Eden Hand bracelets are sized? I’d love to give one as a gift, and I’m willing to take a chance on EBay, but need an idea of what the size represents. The one I saw was a size 6. Is that 6 inches?

  • Nicole

    For those of you who can’t get to Cape Cod or don’t want to be mistreated by the folks at Eden Hand Arts, I highly recommend Firesong Silverworks. I own one of of their bracelets, which I purchased online, and it is amazing. The artisans are also Carey family members and learned how to craft their bracelets from John Carey who was the original owner of Eden Hand Arts. Their work is stunning.


  • Missy

    Does anyone know if the shop always carry the twisted cuff bracelets or are those a seasonal item that may or may not be available? Would love to know before doing the 2 hour drive.


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