That Went Downhill Fast

May 25th, 2008 · 3 Comments

One night last week Alden and Justin and I decided to go out for a nice nostalgic dinner at De Cero. When we worked at FeedBurner in the West Loop, we’d always go to De Cero when new people were hired or anytime we wanted to go for a nice lunch.

Justin was in town for the first time since he moved to San Francisco so we caught up a lot on what’s been happening since he left. It was a good time, but 2 pitchers of margaritas and 4 shots each of Petron Silver later and we were at the cheesiest bar ever singing karaoke!

Also, fyi, if you’ve never actually paid for anything at De Cero, like us because we were always there for work functions, it’s really expensive! Like really expensive. Like $35 for one pitcher of margaritas and more than $10 per shot. I’m surprised that I wasn’t shocked sober when we got the bill. Instead I just ordered The Pain Killer at the next bar and told them to make it strong.

Trader Todd’s, Lakeview, Chicago

Singing the Humpty Dance with Alden. I thought that waving my hands in the air like I just didn’t care would get the crowd worked up. Something tells me it did not.

I was really excited to sing What I Got by Sublime.

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  • MizzTissa

    whaaaa? no video?

    sounds like the hand waving proved it was the crowd that didn’t care.

    you’ll have to get a gimmick for your next performance.

    And a video to post!

  • Richard

    … Livin’ with Louie dog’s the only way to stay sane …

  • Justin

    And with that, you now have a “Humpty Dance” tag on your blog…awesome.

    Thanks for picking up my slack; I needed to leave when I did for fear that I would start getting tired and cranky.

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