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Summer of Rachelle Kickoff Party

May 31st, 2008 · 5 Comments

Katrina, Jessie, Alden, Dallas, Rachelle, Jessica, Ed, Tall Paul, Paul Baker, Killian, Tyrone :: Rock Bottom, River North, Chicago

Rachelle, Alden, Paul :: Riverview, Roscoe Village, Chicago

Rachelle, Jessica, Alden, Paul :: Riverview, Roscoe Village, Chicago

Caroline, Danny, Chad, Dallas :: Riverview, Roscoe Village, Chicago

Rachelle, Paul, Jessica, Alden :: Riverview, Roscoe Village, Chicago

Rachelle & Jessica :: Riverview, Roscoe Village, Chicago

Rachelle & Jessica :: Riverview, Roscoe Village, Chicago

Shouldn’t have waited so long to eat. I was starving!

Chad & Rachelle :: Riverview, Roscoe Village, Chicago

Chad, Paul, Fitz :: Riverview, Roscoe Village, Chicago

Tramp Stamp! :: Riverview, Roscoe Village, Chicago

Friday was the last day of my contract with Google. I’m planning on taking some time off to enjoy the summer in Chicago, before starting the job hunt. Thus, Friday night we kicked off The Summer of Rachelle by going to happy hour at the Rock Bottom Brewery‘s roof deck then heading up to Riverview for more drinks closer to home.

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Tropical Burgers & Lost

May 30th, 2008 · No Comments

Tropical Burger, Roscoe Village, Chicago

Last night we had a few people over to watch the Lost season finale. We grilled out and had these tropical burgers with a slice of grilled pineapple, grilled onion, tomato, and lettuce. I don’t know why my bun was upside down.

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Afternoon at the Movies

May 30th, 2008 · No Comments

Indiana Jones Ticket, River North, Chicago

Yesterday Google treated us to the new Indiana Jones movie. It was fun to go with a whole bunch of people you know and just fill up the entire theater. The new movie is just as campy as ever, with Indy’s corny lines thrown in and all the unbelievable action sequences and over the top Russian villains. We laughed a lot at parts that weren’t meant to be funny. I think it’s about equal to the previous 3 movies, but we all saw those when we were like 10*, so we didn’t realize how crazy they were. If you go see the movie, just have fun. Don’t think about inconsistencies and how certain things would never happen. This isn’t an Oscar contender, don’t expect too much, be nostalgic and go for the ride.

I was actually 6, 9, and 14 when each of the previous movies were released. That averages 10, right?

And here is Paul Baker talking to Kate after the movie:

Paul Baker @ the AMC, River North, Chicago

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