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Attack of the Giant Pocky

March 25th, 2008 · 2 Comments



Dallas was visiting his sister in Arizona in January and brought back these two sizes of Pocky. He’d gotten them at an Asian market there. We had no idea that Giant Pocky even existed!

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Monkey Mail

March 24th, 2008 · 6 Comments

MonkeySoft MonkeyMail

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March Madness @ Messners

March 23rd, 2008 · 1 Comment

Rachelle & Dallas, March Madness, Messners, Chicago
Rachelle & Dallas, Messners, Wrigleyville, Chicago

On Thursday I avoided watching basketball because it was “Lost night.” On Friday I avoided it by playing Rock Band with Paul and Kate. By Saturday there was no avoiding it. A whole lot of our friends were all at Messners watching all of the games. It was a nice day out. I enjoyed sitting in a sunny window and talking with friends, but I could really care less about basketball. After a while I walked over to Anthropologie, which I’d been eying across the street from the window I was sitting in, for a shopping break. Then back to basketball for a couple more hours. For dinner we ordered in with Jen, Chad and Quinn.

I only had a second to take this photo in a giant mirror we were facing. I think it sums up our day, but I was a little disappointed that my camera focused on the people behind us instead of us. I hate it when you want a do-over like 12 hours later.

Also, check out all the hammered brass decorations. It’s like Messners bought a bunch of stuff from Tre Via when they went out of business or something. I was texting Erin about it and sending cell photos because she knows the guy who owned Tre Via. I can’t remember if this is how that place actually looked inside, but I remember the exterior being kind of crazy and in my head it made sense. Then again, this image is proving the crazy exterior memory wrong, so maybe I’m thinking of someplace else altogether. Then again, the internet wayback machine is proving me sort of right. Aaaaaaannnnywayyy…

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