Do You Shotski?

February 3rd, 2008 · 5 Comments






I think shotski should be a new skiing event in the next winter Olympics.

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  • d

    not sure if you were at uberstein, but YES, i do shotski. those are great pics!

    and let’s be honest…us americans would have a tough time against the russians in that event:)

  • Bart

    You really should have one of ours.

  • Christian

    Hi. I came across this pic while searching for bars with shotskis. I am trying to organize a shotski barcrawl and was wondering what bar has this shotski. I know Trader Todd’s and Drum & Monkey have shotskis. If anyone knows of any other bars in Chicago that have shotskis I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

  • RachelleB

    Christian – this was at a bar in Keystone, CO. Not sure what Chicago bars have shotski.

  • Christian

    Alright, thanks anyway :)

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