Tech Cocktail Chicago 6

John Barleycorn
TECH Cocktail at John Barleycorn, Wrigleyville, Chicago

Tech Cocktail Penguin
TECH Cocktail, Wrigleyville, Chicago

Jessica & Alden
Jessica & Alden, TECH Cocktail, Wrigleyville, Chicago

Tech Cocktail
TECH Cocktail, Wrigleyville, Chicago

Thursday night was TECH Cocktail. Since its inception, I’ve gone to every TECH Cocktail event in Chicago except maybe one or two. The difference with this one is that the founders, Frank and Eric, asked me to take photographs for them. Mostly of people coming in after registration and standing in front of the logoed Hollywood red carpet backdrop. If I took your photo on Thursday, go here to find it.

After about an hour or so at the door I met back up with Alden, Jessica, Justin Wardo, John, Traci and Joe, who I’d come with. I took some more candid photos but mostly just enjoyed the party at that point. Oh, and I won a $25 iTunes gift card. It’s interesting how many people I know at these events and how exactly I know them. I always see people I met through Chicagoist, people who read this site, people I did business with at FeedBurner and people from Google now too. Oh, and there are people I know just from Tech Cocktail events.

TECH Cocktail Chicago 5
TECH Cocktail Chicago 3
TECH Cocktail Chicago 2

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