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Urban ≠ Curvy

October 30th, 2007 · 6 Comments

Urban FitI’ve heard the word “urban” inserted in as a substitute word for a lot of other words, mostly used to try to be PC about something. As a style of clothing or makeup, as a way to describe people of certain races, when talking about graffiti, describing types of music, etc. But when did “urban” begin to mean “curvy.” I mean, this is the style of jean I fit into, but when the marketing director was sitting up in his high chair thinking of how to describe Banana Republic’s curvy jean, was he thinking of me? Or was he thinking of being PC about race and a certain style of dress and culture? And what’s wrong with saying “curvy” or “contoured”?

Banana Republic, Chelsea, New York

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Cafe Henri

October 30th, 2007 · No Comments

Latte at Cafe Henri
Latte at Cafe Henri, Long Island City, Queens

On Sunday we had brunch at Cafe Henri. This is my bowl mug(?) of latte. We loved all the food. I had Le Croque Madame, an open-faced egg sandwich the ham near the country bread and with the cheese nice and toasted and an egg on the top. On the side was a salad. We liked everything we had so much and wanted to try so many other things on the menu that we joked about coming back for every meal, or at least for brunch the next day too.. but sadly we didn’t. I do think we’ve broken the Tournesol habit though (see here and here).

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October 29th, 2007 · 1 Comment

Chelsea, New York

I was admiring the phone number on the sign of this building and then I realized that the entrance to the corporate apartment that I was looking for was at the same address. The door just to the left, under the solid blue awning.

I’d never stayed in a corporate apartment while working for Google. John inquired about arrangements before me and they put him in a studio apartment at The Atrium on Bleecker between Thompson and Sullivan. I was really familiar with that building since I lived there for a month when I moved from San Diego to New York with Monster. I don’t know if The Atrium is all corporate apartments or what.

Anyway, when I got my corporate apartment information I was told that I’d be in a 3 bedroom apartment and in a possible mixed-gender situation. Which I was. I didn’t really mind that much. I assume everyone at Google is trustworthy, but it was still kind of strange to be staying with random strangers. Even more odd is that I dropped my suitcase off, went to dinner, came back and went to bed and got ready in the morning all without ever seeing anyone. I heard them and I saw their things, but I never actually saw any of my roommates.

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