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February 22nd, 2007 · 10 Comments



For Christmas Dallas and I didn’t get each other gifts. Instead we put our money together and bought a brand new bed.

We had been sleeping on an old full-sized mattress that I had bought in a tight pinch when I lived in New York and just needed something to sleep on. I didn’t think it was too bad for a long time, but it was starting to show it’s age. It was tilted and one side hurt my back if I slept on it. Plus, it’s not much space for 2 people.

I remember getting fleeced pretty bad from Sleepy’s over that mattress. When I moved out of my corporate housing in New York and into my first apartment I just needed a bed, so I went to Sleepy’s. I had no money, so I had to sign up for their financing. I had good credit, so it was no problem, but I remember paying on that thing forever before realizing that I’d never even touched the balance. I was just paying finance charges. I ended up rolling it into something else, but I was so mad at Sleepy’s!

So, this winter when we went to look at new beds, we had no idea how much they’d be. We found out quickly that mattresses are expensive! The first time we went we just left without buying anything. The sales people were being kind of sleazy in a used-car-salesman sort of way. And they wouldn’t let us talk it over. They kind of seperated us up. So, we just left. Then the second time, we actually went to the same place, but we had talked, talked about a max price, and kenw what to expect. We ended up getting a really nice Sealy Posterpedic that will last a long time and got it for a price we agreed beforehand to spend. Yay.

For Christmas my parents got us a dual-control heated mattress pad that is like heaven on these cold nights. Also, Dallas’ sister got us a new comforter and sheet set.. so all new bed for Christmas.

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  • BTD

    Mattress prices can be insane, that said my wife & I agree that it was the best money we ever spent.

  • overweight


  • Michael Barrett

    Matress Salesmen are sleazy. I think the pecking order goes:

    1. Used Car Sales
    2. Mattress Sales
    3. Insurance Sales
    4. Girl Scout Cookie Sales (I can’t resist you Thin Mint!)

    I think that when people are buying a mattress, it’s typically under some kind of duress, like you just moved and you needed a bed right away.

    In the mattress store, all you can think about is “I need to get a bed tonight” and puts you at a disadvantage automatically.

  • rachelle

    thank you “overweight,” you jackhole. I’m sure that shitty mattresses just breakdown when you only sleep on one side for a long period of time.

  • neil

    what size mattress or is it the same size?

  • rachelle

    it is a queen size

  • jocelyn

    jackhole. that’s an awesome word. and yeah. totally.

    but mattress salesmen. totally. i had an acquaintance (have?) who was a mattress salesman, and that kid is/was totally sketch. and he’s a total smooth talkin’, sales-y dude. so it’s interesting that you had that exact experience. good on you that you knew how to stop and collect yourselves.

    p.s. i like how your blog kindly requests me to put in one letter below.

  • rachelle

    that’s the spam filter

  • jocelyn

    i figured as much, but so many of them are put in a bunch of letters and they’re all smushed together or obscured a bit and it’s kind of like when people check my id these days — i know i’m fine and that’s me, but i still get paranoid — “what if it doesn’t go through/they don’t think that’s me?”

    so, i just like that it’s one letter and it asks nicely.

  • Lady in a Smalltown

    (Here from Callalillie)
    Glad to hear about your experience at Sleepy’s, that is one of our choices here in Smalltown, so I will be wary. We are looking for a king bed this winter. Enjoy your new bed.

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