Shedd Aquarium with Stephanie

August 21st, 2006 · 3 Comments







On Saturday I opened up tabs in Firefox of all the places Steph might be interested in visiting. Then I had her look at all the websites and choose. We decided to go to the Sears Tower then to the Shedd Aquarium. Bad news: When we got to the Sears Tower we were told that visibility was ZERO PERCENT. So we decided to just go to the Shedd Aquarium. Bad news: There was an hour-long line just to get into the building. Oh well. We didn’t go all that way not to do something and Steph really wanted to go to the aquarium, to see the things we didn’t see last time*, so we stood. In line. Forever.

We were excited to see the komodo dragon, and while the whole lizard exhibit was cool, the dragon was a let down. Wow. A big dragon. Next! I mean, it’s cool, but we were pretty psyched and then it was just.. like.. there. We did really like the Wild Reef exhibit, though. There were a few other things we wanted to see that we’d already seen before, but for the most part, we skipped the rest of the aquarium. I was getting so tired! Maybe I’m just old or maybe I’m just not used to a 10-year-old kid’s pace and being responsible for someone else, but I was exhausted! Plus, why does she have to keep asking me questions like “What if we get to our stop and you step out but I get caught on the train and can’t get off?” and “What would happen if like a bomb was on the train tracks and the train couldn’t stop in time?” Jeez! Way to stress me out!

We had a good day, though. Later on we went to the movie, filled up on popcorn and then went to dinner at Robey Pizza, a new favorite in our new neighborhood.

* The photos of Steph here are cute, but I liked my animal photos better last time.

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  • Crissy

    You did get some great photos last time, but I really like your eel and stingray shots from this trip, too. Very cool!

    Yeah, the komodo dragon is a real letdown if it’s not moving, especially when it has itself wedged in a fricking corner where it’s hard to photograph. Is this the last weekend it’s at the Shedd or something, that the line was so long? I’ve never stood in a long line there, but maybe that’s because I’ve always gone early. Strange!

    How was the movie?

  • rachelle

    the movie had hilary and haley duff in starring roles. do you really need to ask how it was? :) heh. it was probably fantastic if you were between the ages of 10 – 16. It wasn’t excrutiating, at least.

    We didn’t even have to stand in line the last time we went to the aquarium, and that was on a FREE day.

    Luckily Steph is a good kid and didn’t really complain much. She is really well behaved and it was a big relief that I didn’t have to really tell her many things more than once and didn’t have to worry about her goofing off or running off or anything. She is growing up so fast!

  • Hal

    I’m a camera dummy but I want to be better… PLEAAASE tell me how you got such great pictures in what I would guess was a dark room and through thick glass???????? HELP!!!!!!!

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