New Glarus Brewing

July 17th, 2006 · 7 Comments

New Glarus Beer, Roscoe Village, Chicago

At my niece’s birthday party Dallas and I drank some New Glarus Spotted Cow beer. It was good and when we came back to Chicago we mentioned it to Danny. Danny said when he went to school in Madison they used to drink New Glarus beer all the time. Last week when my brother was over he brought me a sixer of all different New Glarus beer. Saturday night we went to Danny’s to barbecue and I brought the sixer and we all tried out the different types of New Glarus brews.

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  • Popeye

    OK, I know it’s early but it’s already hot. . . That beer looks kinda good.

  • Redpac


    You snuck a Lakefront beer in there to make 6.

  • rachelle

    my brother snuck it in! i just drank it.. actually i dont think i drank that one specifically.

  • Richard

    Yes, the second from the left is Riverwest Stein brewed by Lakefront, a micro brewery in Milwaukee. New Glarus brews about 10 differnt beers, so I didn’t have to sneek that one in. I just threw a few beers together that I had on hand at home.

  • John Zeratsky

    New Glarus makes some great beers. I enjoyed some Spotted Cow over the weekend myself :-)

  • may

    yes! i just went to the new glarus brewery. the uff-da packs quite a punch. the town of new glarus itself bills itself as swiss, complete with chalet-type buildings and lots of fondue.

  • Willie P

    I was gonna mention that if you enjoy the microbrew, you should try that little place out of Milwaukee known as Lakefront. However, it looks like you already have one in there. If you are in town I highly recommend their brewery tour.

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