Brunch in Long Island City

April 27th, 2006 · 3 Comments

Brunch @ Tournesol, Long Island City, Queens

Yvan, Tien, Jeannette, Jessica :: Tournesol, Long Island City, Queens

Long Island City, Queens

Long Island City, Queens

Jeannette :: Long Island City, Queens

Long Island City, Queens

Long Island City, Queens

That Sunday we wanted to get brunch and called a few places to see if they’d be busy. “Well, it IS Easter,” they reminded us… oh. right. ok. We just wanted to get some food, starving from our hangovers. Jeannette suggested we avoid crowds and check out this place she likes in Long Island City, Queens called Tournesol. It’s French. And while we were over there we could check out the building where Jeannette & Yvan are moving to. If they ever sell their current place, and if the building ever gets done being built!

Tournesol was really good and the owners/waitstaff were really friendly and didn’t rush us at all. Everyone got the french onion soup, then we each got our own entree (hamburger for me), then we all shared a dessert because Jeannette said we had to. Like we needed an arm twisting on that one!

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  • ChrisM

    Good old Long Island City. Back in the early 80’s I spent sometime in some bars there and Long Island City was a place of men’s men*. Not sure what it’s like now but probably gentrified.

    *I dont mean gay (not that there’s anything wrong with that!) it was a blue collar neighborhood with still plenty of active factories and real live American factory workers!

  • jocelyn

    there’s a tournesol here. i think it’s a restaurant started by the guy who owns aubriot.

    i’ve been to aubriot (nice!), but not to tournesol.

  • rachelle

    wow. i dont think it’s the same place, just the same name, but i’ll have to check it out.. do you know where it is?

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