Houses for Hobbits on Honore

February 22nd, 2006 · 1 Comment

Hobbit House, Wicker Park, Chicago

This house on Honore, between North & Milwaukee, has always intrigued me. I know the reason it’s like this is because it was built before the streets were raised… or something? So the front door and all that is far beelow street/sidewalk level. These houses below are all around the house above. They’ve got the same thing going on, but maybe not as dramatically.




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  • ChrisM

    What possessed the folks responsible? I’m quite curious as I assume you are Rachelle. Perhaps you could put on your internet correspondent hat for your blog or even The Chicagoist and knock on the doors and ask for and then report the explanations.

    Do you remember Mary Kay Flynn? AKA “MK” from MSNBC. She was their one time “Internet Correspondent” back circa 1997-2000. She’s long gone but a perfect job for you I think Rachelle.

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