My Mum Is Gorgeous

January 11th, 2006 · 3 Comments

H&M, Magnificent Mile, Chicago

I saw this in the kids section at H&M. I thought it was funny, but then remembered my theory: If you have to say it on your shirt then it probably is not true.

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  • Keith

    So the t-shirt my 20 month old daughter got from my wife for Chistmas that says “my daddy is handsome” should have me worried? :)

  • rachelle

    haha. i think it’s more like the shirts that say “sexy” or something like that that bother me. like if you’re sexy, be sexy but you shouldn’t have to wear a shirt saying your sexy in order for people to get it.

  • ChrisM

    Well you never know Rachelle, there are those out there that arent so bright or so marketers believe. Do you know when the first instant camera was developed by Polaroid way back in the 1930s they name it the “SX 100″; in case people didnt get it!

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