Happy New Year

January 2nd, 2006 · 6 Comments

Toasting the New Year, Roscoe Village, Chicago

Toasting the New Year With Jill, Roscoe Village, Chicago

Drake & Cortez Call It a Night, Roscoe Village, Chicago

Even though I came in 3rd place in the Texas Hold’Em tournament AND my sweater was the color of money, I didn’t actually win any dough. Still a fun night at Jen and Chad’s.

On New Years Day we went to Jeff & Heather’s for football & food. Tons of food. The food this holiday season has been amazing, but I’m glad the holidays are over. I can get back on track. Well, after we finish all the sushi, char sui, shumai*, inari, and other leftovers that were sent home with us.

*Dallas’ Aunt Gail’s pork shumai was my favorite dish yesterday, the best shumai I’ve ever had. I’m afraid when we go out to restaurants now I’m going to think all the shumai is crap and just be like “This isn’t like Auntie Gail’s shumai!” I’m ruined forever!

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