Christmas Dinner at Auntie Gail’s

December 27th, 2005 · 1 Comment

Top to Bottom:
Jeff, Heather, Mitch, Chris, Miko, Kyle, Derek, Winnie, Ben, Ali, Danny, Cory, Rachelle, Lori, Dallas, Doug, Naoko

Uncle B.B., Ali, Aunt Glenna, Josh :: Mt. Prospect, IL

Danny & Lori :: Mt. Prospect, IL

Uncle B.B., Dallas, Rachelle, Aunt Glenna :: Mt. Prospect, IL

Back: Jeff, Aunt Gail, Naoko, Doug
Front: Chris, Heather, Mitch

On Christmast evening we went to Dallas’ Auntie Gail’s house in Mt. Prospect for dinner and a gift exchange. She made beef tenderloin that had to be some of the best I’ve ever eaten. I even took seconds, and I rarely even eat steak.

Later on the $10 grab bag/gift exchange got pretty crazy but Dallas and I were able to team up to get the gift we wanted. It was a set of Japanese bowls that we suspected that Doug & Naoko brought. Luckily we were right. I think next year there’s going to be a rule in place because our strategy was copied by others and then the game got repetitive and, I guess, unfair.

Oh, and there was a little football game on. The Packers lost, but I’m glad it wasn’t a total blow out. I was afraid of what was going to happen to me in a house full of Bears fans. Luckily, they were pretty merciful. Except for Chris, who is like 9 years old and full of all kinds of trash talk.

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