Christmas with Riley, Nancy & Josh

December 5th, 2005 · 3 Comments


Riley & Rachelle, Menomonee Falls, WI

It’s early to celebrate Christmas, but December weekends have been filling up fast for a while now. This weekend I went up to Nancy & Josh’s house in Wisconsin for a few hours to exchange gifts and cookies* and to spend some time with them. I don’t see them nearly as much as I should. Riley has grown so much since the last time I’d seen her (wow, was it really this long ago?). She’s at a really fun age – a year and a half. I tickled her belly then told her that my toes were really ticklish so, of course, she had to tickle them every chance she got and even though I could barely tell she was touching them, let alone tickling them, I had to laugh hysterically.

It’s funny how kids, even at her age, have already developed such strong personalities! She’s a great kid and listens well, but you can already tell how strong-willed she is! It will be fun to sit back and see how Nancy & Josh handle that .. in like 10 years! ha!

* I baked a TON this weekend. Look for those posts soon!

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  • Nan

    Great post Shell! You’re not kidding about Riley’s personality. She’s already quite the spit fire. Let’s not wait so long until our next visit. We miss you! And just wait, even if it’s 3 months from now, Riley WILL remember that your toes are ticklesh. So keep them covered!

  • ChrisM

    That is a nice pic of you and Riley. What did you bake so much of, Christmas cookies? Did I ever send you my postal address? I need a Care package baby!!!!!! :-)

  • mabowden

    Wow Rachelle, You’re looking kind of sneaky-evil in that Pic with Riley? What did you get her in that package? Something noisy? or messy? ha! You’re the Godmother! Go for it!

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