Calm Before the Storm?

Mac’s, Wicker Park, Chicago

The last week it’s been really gray and gross here but yesterday and today were like the most perfect end of summer/early autumn days. Low to mid 70s, sunny, a slight breeze, a fresh crispness in the air. This is my favorite time of year… and luckily for me I had today off so I could enjoy it.

For lunch I just wanted to be outside so I grabbed a book and headed down Division to see who still had their outdoor seating out and more importantly, where the sun was hitting that seating. I ended up at Mac’s with my most favorite salad ever. In fact, I just had this same salad for lunch yesterday at Nordstrom Cafe. And I have made it at home over the summer too. Probably nominated as my #1 favorite lunch of the year. It’s got mixed greens, grilled chicken (at Mac’s the chicken was still warm from being so fresh off the grill), strawberries, goat cheese, candied nuts, and a balsamic dressing. There’s something about the sweet nuts and fruit mixed with the tangy goat cheese and dressing.. YUM. I could eat this all day. Especially on a nice day like today.

I’m afraid that winter is going to happen any day now!

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