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August 19th, 2005 · 10 Comments

Laptops, Magnificent Mile, Chicago

FedEx Tracking, Magnificent Mile, Chicago

I press refresh so obsessively on the FedEx tracking page that I knew the second that my new laptop was delivered. I ran up to reception and was like “where’s my shit!?” and the receptionist was like “whuh? I don’t have anything for you” and I’m all like “oh .. really?? then what’s this box!?”

Have the new iBook here plugged in at work. Everyone in the cubes around me was teasing me that I was being like a little kid on Christmas morning. .. which I was. I recently just got a new laptop at work too because my Dell laptop decided not to recognize the hard drive any more. They replaced it with this black IBM. It’s pretty nice…. for a PC.

Can’t wait to get home and start transferring data and customizing and everything. I don’t really need to get any work done today… do I? .. come on!!! I’m kind of dreading finding old CDs with my software on them, though.

Btw, Shanghai, China to Chicago, IL in 3 days.. no too shabby.

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