Rachel Leb on Indian Bread Co.

August 12th, 2005 · 5 Comments

Indian Bread Co., West Village, Manhattan

Late 2003 or early 2004 a couple of new ethnic fast food restaurants opened on Bleeker Street in New York, Indian Bread Co. and Pop’s Pierogi. I started going to them frequently and wrote a post on them because 1) they were blocks from my apartment, 2) they were cheap, 3) they were good.

Last weekend Joe S. went to Indian Bread Co. As he was waiting for his food he looked at the reviews in the window and noticed that one of them was my post printed out. He couldn’t get a photo of the front because there were people sitting there, but he took this photo of the back of it.

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  • MOM

    SO, do you get royalties ? ? ?

  • joe s.

    I forgot to mention it when I sent you the photo, but Pop’s Pierogies is closed. Soon to be replaced by Burger Joint.

  • C

    Funny enough I always just though your name was Rachelle B not Rachel Leb – totally unrelated to this post I know.

  • Jess

    it is actually Rachelle B…long story (well maybe not)…start telling Rachelle :)

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