Lunch & Shopping in Koloa & Poipu

July 18th, 2005 · 4 Comments

Koloa Fish Market

Koloa Fish Market

Koloa Fish Market

Koloa Fish Market

Lau Lau Plate Lunch from Koloa Fish Market

Lau Lau Plate Lunch from Koloa Fish Market

Puka Dogs Hawaiian Style Hot Dogs at Poipu Shopping Village.. seems like a scam to draw tourists in.

Lappert’s – Made in Kaua’i!

Lappert’s Chocolate Mac Nut Ice Cream

Cheap flowers in Koloa

After going to the beach, Caroline and I went to Koloa to the Fish Market. This is where we got a lot of the poke we were eating around the condo. They have really great, fresh fish. We went back to restock and also to get plate lunches because we were hungry. Caroline got Kalua Pig and I got Lau Lau, which is pork and butter fish wrapped in taro leaves (that you eat) and cooked in ti leaves (that you don’t eat). Also included in each of the plate lunches were white rice, poke, chicken long rice*, and lomi salmon.

After lunch we did some shopping at Poipu Shopping Village and in Koloa Town. Caroline treated me to my first Lappert’s ice cream cone. We got chocolate mac nut. So good. Does anyone know why the cones have “Hawaii” stamped in them though?

* I argued with Caroline and Dallas that “chicken long rice” was a stupid name for a dish that’s basically chicken and cellphane NOODLES, not RICE. They just laughed and gave me da stink eye/”stupid haole” look.

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  • Nan

    I wish flowers like that were $.25 here!

  • rachelle

    yeh, when caroline and i saw those we thought they were pretty cheap.. and i was like “i’d pay a buck for those without batting an eye. you could get a bouquet for like $5 that seems reasonable.” but a QUARTER! holy crap. so cheap. but then again they’re growing EVERYWHERE.

    then i took the photo because i told her you specifically would think that was cheap since you had tropical flowers at your wedding and josh gets them for you on your anniversary.

  • JohnP

    Mmmmmm Poke!! I can eat that all day! 8)

  • Richard

    Hey, no fair. Why don’t our ice cream cones say “WISCONSIN” on them?

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