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June 29th, 2005 · 10 Comments

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I just got a wide-angle lens for my Canon A95 so I’m just testing out.. getting a feel for its range. I’m seeing the barrel distortion mentioned in some of the reviews on amazon. Still, I think it will probably be good to use for some landscape shots in Hawaii next week.

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  • Nan

    yeah yeah, rub it in. hawaii schpawaii. i wouldn’t want to go there anyway. HA. who am i trying to kid? i’m so freakin’ jealous!! you’re going to have a blast. have a drink and do a hoola dance for me!

  • Joel

    every time I see those two big cylindrical apartment buildings I have to go find my Yankee Hotel Foxtrot cd. that correlation is forever burned in my brain.

    nice photos lady!

  • mom

    wow! Neat! It almost looks like you zoomed. Each subject looks farther away in the wide angle shot. And the buildings are slightly tilted! you’re going to love it and get so good at it! I can’t wait to see the pics from hawaii! Have a great time !

  • rachelle

    yeh, it lets you see a wider angle, more through the lens. the tilted buildings are the barrel distortion.. it’s a flaw in the lens.

  • pdq

    It seems like the color is slightly different, too – some of the wide-angle shots have a yellow cast. Or is that due to something else?

  • Rance

    Looking at the pictures, the slanted buildings, at least the ones that slant away from you (top picture), isn’t due to barrel distortion, it’s what happens when you tilt a wide angle lens up to get the top of the building in the picture. The only way to avoid it, is to use a perspective control lens, or shoot with a view camera, and drop the back.
    The place where I’m seeing barrel distortion is in the picture of the construction. It shows up in the curved edge of the building on the right. It also show up some in the apartment picture — notice the slight curve in the top of the windows.

  • Crissy

    You’re coming out to Hawai`i? How nice! What island(s) will you be visiting?

  • ArthurE212

    That wide angle really works !! nice shots – I like ‘em wide… or close, just not normal. Can’t wait to see your Hawaii – are you going to Maui? to “bit and little beaches”?

  • rachelle

    nah, I’ve never been to Mauai. I’ll be in Kauai and Oahu.

  • kristinab

    Hiya! Came across your blog trolling through other -ist sites (I’m an Austinist contributor). Just curious – is there any reason you chose the A95 over a digital SLR? I’m going through that debate right now.

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