My New Favorite Lunch Spot

June 17th, 2005 · 11 Comments

OYSY Sushi, River North, Chicago

OYSY Sushi just opened a location on E. Grand. It’s super good and pretty inexpensive. I got all of this pictured plus miso soup for only $12. If you go you’ll want to get there a little before the noon rush. We got there at about 11:55 and the place was empty. When we left at about 1:00 there wasn’t an open seat available.

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  • daylicious

    Wow $12 for this is inexpensive in the US? Here in germany no one would buy it because it’s too much. We have people complaining about 3 Euro for a big plate of spaghetti.

  • rachelle

    i dont know the conversion, but $12 is pretty cheap for this much sushi.

  • James

    Where, on E. Grand?

  • agnieszka

    $12 US = $9.77 euro. That’s an awesome deal on that much sushi (at least in the US).

  • daylicious

    for 9.77 euro you’ll get this + the half of it here. but I don’t know if it’s that tasty also :)

  • SK

    Is this some kind of combo? I looked at their website/menu and couldn’t figure out what you had ordered..

  • Chuck

    That there’s a combo. I’m a big fan of OYZY. There’s a location near my job on 9th and South Michigan. I’ll order a combo with a glass of zinfandel- complements the wasabi- and with tip costs just a hair over twenty dollars.

    Ginza Fish at 19 E. Ohio (in the Hotel Tokyo) is also worth checking out for lunch. They have wonderful decor and there are a series of rooms in the back for private dining.

  • rachelle

    the combo isnt on the menu on the site.. but then neither is the grand ave location. i think the site needs updating.

    the combo includes everything except the 5 pieces of sushi on the upper right. that’s the part you get to pick. the choices are sushi.. or like some entrees like tuna or miso salmon (i think?).. there are about 6 different choices. all are $12

  • Kevin

    Japanese foods are expensive. I payed about 8,50 euros for 5 rolls of sushi in duesseldorf. So yeah 9,77 euros is a reasonable price for a bento that big.

  • Cinnamon

    Oh my! What a deal. I think I may have to head downtown for lunch one day in the next two weeks.

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