“Spiral Drill Thingies”

March 6th, 2005 · 9 Comments

Spiral Drill Thingies


This is one of the “spiral drill thingies” I was talking about in the last post I made on the Sun-Times demolition. Also, here’s a movie of the “spiral drill thingies” (.mov, 504k)

You can see in the last photo that there is just a tiny bit of the wall leftover from the old Sun-Times building. It seems like most of the efforts of the construction crew are not focused on clearing rubbage from the site and starting the new construction.

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  • andrew

    old sun times foot print.

  • Chris

    Hey, whats the weather like in Chicago this time of month?

  • Joe#3

    Those spiral drill thingies are called caissons.

  • Rance

    Does anybody besides me wonder if they did a good job of mapping the tunnels before the started sinking those pilings? Or are we going to have a repeat of the Flood of ’92?

  • rachelle

    i was wondering.. what exactly are they doing with those “caissons”? why is most of the drilling done in those metal tubes… but then like in the video they’re just drilling in the ground? i obvs dont know anything about construction.

  • David

    A caisson is a shell that keeps stuff out of the hole. Usually they’re used in water (like to build bridge supports) to keep out water while the foundation is excavated and constructed.

    Also, rebar, which you asked about the other day, is the skinny ridged metal bars that you see lying around. It’s used to stiffen concrete. You’ll see them put it in the middle of a concrete form and then pour the concrete around it.

    Thanks for having such a great site about Chicago. You great pictures were part of the inspiration for me recently moving here. Keep up the good work!

  • rachelle

    ohhhh. that makes sense. i thought joe meant that cassion was the name of the drill thing. but it’s the name of the thing they’re drilling in! makes sense with rance’s comment.

    hope you like chicago, david!

  • Richard

    Not to get too technical, but rebar doesn’t exactly “stiffen” concrete. Concrete its self is inherently good at resisting compressive forces (pushing together). Steel is inherently good at resisting tensile forces (pulling apart). So, combing the two results in a very efficient product, reinforced concrete.

  • rachelleb.com


    Most of the action at the Trump Tower construction site right now is drilling. Everywhere. The top three photos above were taken in the morning. The bottom photo is the same hole but in the evening. If I understand…

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